Any tips to help a 3 week, soon to be 4 week old baby sleep longer at night ?

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Is no any tips is to lil for tht baby sleep all nigh long it ll get better when thy are 3 months and up !! They need to eat every 2 to 3 hrs is normal just wait slowing it ll get u there good look Congrs

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How long are they sleeping? At this age they shouldn't be sleeping more than 3 hours at a time.

BoyMom 2 likes

They aren't meant to sleep very long at a time quite yet. Hang in there :)

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My little girl was a good sleeper, but having her in the bassinet right next to my bed so I could feed her without really waking up or having her really wake up helped a lot.

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I used give my baby half pull of melitonin. It's a natural sleep aid. Crush it up. And put it in a warm bottle. I talked to my doc before I gave it to him, worked great.

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Babies can't sleep through the night because they need to eat regular sleep will come 4-6 months is when it usually begins

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Maybe in a few more weeks you can start a bedtime routine. He might not sleep through the night but it definitely make things easier and you can create something that he'll be expecting,is great step for them to sleep better.

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You might get lucky and have a baby that sleeps through the night at 2 months. That's what my son did. Then when he got to 4 months had the sleep regression thing. Now he's almost 7 months and only will wake up once on occasion.

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My LO started sleeping longer when I would feed her a few times, close together, right before bed. Good luck

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Nope lol

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Swaddle. It helps so much! Also the rock and play is great, mine slept much better in the rock and plan than the bassinet or crib. There is a lot of bad press on the rock and play but they have fixed the issue and as long as you do not let your baby spend every waking moment in the sleeper you should be fine.

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Yes definitely patience! I've started a bed routine with my 8 week old and it's working out great. She's sleeping longer periods!

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They can't sleep long at night at that age. They have to eat every few hours. At that age I was told if my daughter doesn't wake up after 4 hours I was supposed to wake her to feed her until at least 6 weeks.

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Unfortunately, babies that young won't sleep a long stretch of hours. I know a lot of people who purposely start their newborns on cereal just so they sleep longer, but in reality their tummy can't handle that and it will do nothing but upset their belly and will cause them to be in pain. good luck.

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Yes as Caro said the bedtime routine helps...(maybe bath, lotion massage, footie pj's, story time, & bottle every evening at the same time) In a few weeks maybe... Hopefully you can get some more sleep soon!!! 😊

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