Any tips on potty training a toddler who isn't bothered by their own mess? My son is 2 1/2 and he uses the potty whenever we ask him, but he refuses to do it by himself. Today we started the cold turkey method. He's been wearing underwear all morning and went through 5 pairs already! He isn't bothered by poop or pee in his diaper so I thought maybe if there's a mess in his underwear he won't like it, but that doesn't bother him either. Any advice?

Sara 1 like

Try having him go naked. Take him to sit on the potty every 20 minutes or so. If he starts to go you rush him to the potty and reiterate that you don't poop or pee anywhere but on the potty. When he does go give him lots of praise and celebration. :) good luck!

Shannon M 1 like

My daughter was the same way. We would put her in undies and she just didn't care. So we waited. We would try again every month and it wasn't until a few months before 3 that she decided to keep undies dry. Don't rush it or push it. When he's ready he will do it. Good luck ☺️

Jodi B 0 likes

I'm currently trying the naked method.. First day, there was no hope. She just let it run out of her all day long. The second day she was getting the hang of holding it but still having accidents on the floor.. Day 3 she would hold it and when she would pee on the floor, I would point to it and say "no no, we don't pee on the floor." I even was a little stern with her one time and then after that she started peeing on the potty.. Haven't put panties on her yet

Chrissy B 0 likes

Thanks ladies :). I'm having him run around naked so far he's been doing better! I'm trying not to rush but I'm sooooo over this diapers lol! Plus his father and I are getting married in 6mon so I'm really hoping he's potty trained by than!

Dee 0 likes

We do bottom half naked. She has only had one accident in 3 days. We are just now putting panties on. She knows the feeling now. Good luck!

Jasmine L 0 likes

Try treats every time he uses the potty like a couple of m&ms

Chrissy B 0 likes

I've tried that too. He has no interest in them.

Teri L 0 likes

We tried all the praise rewards potty prize bag etc. we tried backing off cause maybe she wasn't ready... After a year long battle, I took away her blankie and told her she couldn't go to grandma and poppas because they didn't want to change diapers anymore. 12 hours later she pooped in the potty and asked for blankie. Mostly done good since then. Not saying that's the answer but nothing else worked. Good luck!

Dee 0 likes

Does he like to flush? That's my daughters reward. Lol I got very lucky.

Aren E 1 like

I put my daughters potty in front of my toilet and I had her go whenever I did. I hung a sticker chart behind her potty and she got a sticker every time she went. When we got to 10 stickers she received a surprise. It worked very well for me.

Mr. And Mrs. C 0 likes

Hmm the cold turkey thing usually doesnt work, but try letting him pick out his favorite pair of underwear so hell be more likely to not want to ruin it.

Stephanie N 0 likes

You can try a sticker chart! Go to the store and let him pick out the "cool stickers". Then let him put one sticker on the chart every time he pees in the potty and two stickers for every time he goes poop. It's fun and not bad for his teeth. :oD Good luck!

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