Any tips on pain reliever for teething? Something that isn't meds or oragel or tablets. Anything natural? Idk if there is anything but I'll take any advice. Lo is starting to get his first tooth and in lots of pain

Kirbie D 0 likes

Frozen wash cloth :) my son loved to suck on them

Danie M 1 like

Mesh feeder with cold fruit inside

Baby M 0 likes

Chamomile tea

Gabriela A 2 likes

Camelia and hyland tablets are homeopathic

Baby M 2 likes

Hylands tabs have belladonna in them. It has caused seizures in babies before and after the recall

Emma S 0 likes

Homeopathic medicine.. Calcarea Phos. Works well.

Samantha 0 likes

My LO loves teething rings

Angie . 0 likes

Frozen waffle or bagel

Danielle H 0 likes

What about natural orajel? I also had bought this natural CVS brand teething liquid that seemed to help. But I usually end up going for Tylenol tbh

Baby M 1 like

Orajel can be swallowed and numb the throat leading to choking. The fda advises against it

Baby Girl β 1 like

I was giving my LO a little tylenol once in a while, but my pedi said that we are so quick to blame everything going on with our baby's to teething and that it's not always the case. I bought a Amber teething anklet and it goes on my LO's ankle under her pjs and her zipadee blanket she wears and so far the last 3 nights she has slept 8-7 without waking when she usually wakes once to nurse. Not sure it's a coincidence yet but seems to be with it

Jasmine A 2 likes

Freeze breast milk in ice cube trays and give it to them in the mesh feeder. Breast milk is very good for pain relief.. That is why they seem to want to nurse more when teething :)

Ash B 0 likes

Oh thanks ladies for all the great ideas!!

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