Any tips on how to naturally induce labor? I'm sooooooooo done being pregnant!

Madeline Z 0 likes

I'm trying to do the same thing. I'm 39 weeks tomorrow and am desperate to go into labor!

Destiny L 0 likes

I have a c-section scheduled in two weeks but that seems forever away !!

Stephanie S 0 likes

Walking! I walked one mile everyday a few weeks before I was due...then one day I decided to walk three miles and went into labor that night :-)

Jordan C 0 likes

How far along are you?

Jamie R 2 likes

Sex!!! Lol

Isabella's Momma 0 likes


sarah E 0 likes

I would wait for planed c-section or you could possibly have a emergency c-section

Mommy 0 likes

That baby will come when ready! But moving around a lot could make them want to leave

Michelle B 0 likes

I've heard evening primrose oil works, and castor oil. I took an evening primrose this morning nothing yet anyways! I took castor oil last pregnancy and nothing happened but a few people i know said they've taken it and went into labor within 24 hours.

Dawn L 0 likes

Lots of walking, I literally walked and spent a whole day at the mall, just trying to walk and walk!! I was ready to have my son that night after doing that...

Amy R 0 likes

Go for long walks! Gud luck

Mommy Of t 0 likes

Good luck because i tried evrything when i was prego and honestly nothing helped untill they scheduled for me to be induced i think baby got scared so she decided to come! I was 41 weeks and 3days☺️☺️

Courtney 0 likes

Sex sex sex & walking lol I had sex , then went to the hospital and walked around before checking in and my water broke

Maci 1 like

Sex, spicy food, pineapple, walking, bouncing on a ball, walking up as down stairs,

Miranda☀️ 0 likes

I felt the same way! It was cinco de mayo and my SO made super spicy tacos!!!! My water broke at 3:30 am!! Haha don't know if it was related, who knows 😆

Annie M 1 like

Sexxxxx :) lol

Sarah L 0 likes

Sex, pineapple,bumpy roads

Alyson D 1 like

You're barely 37 weeks, your baby still has time to cook. Be patient and let baby come when it's ready. And do not take castor oil 😓

Ava & E 0 likes

Nothing works in my opinion! With my DS I tried EVERYTHING.. Sex, spicy food, bouncing on a yoga ball, red raspberry leAf tea, jumping jacks, stairs and more stairs .. You name it

Ava & E 0 likes

I agree that you should not take castor oil.

Jenn L 0 likes

Raspberry leaf tea I heard works and doing the tootsie roll or thriller dance works

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