Any tips on getting a newborn (5 week old) to sleep at night?? My daughter is fed, changed, burped, but she will not sleep D: help! (First time mom & exhausted)

Alice W 4 likes

It can take months before a newborn can sleep at night or through the night. Some babies sleep well others take time. Hang in there!

Shana H 1 like

A warm bath, also I downloaded pandora to my phone. I added the station called "Soothing Waters" dimmed the light and let it play. My son would fall fast asleep.

Jules W 0 likes

Have you tried wearing her, skin to skin, swaying her, swaddling, a swing? Just a few things that worked for me! My daughter just turned 3mo Monday. Hang in there!

M. S 1 like

Swaddle and soother work for my daughter like a charm!

Mary A 0 likes

Does she sleep all through out the day?

Diana D 0 likes

Swaddled, Rock, Hold close and bounce gently. Place her on your chest. Baby would fall asleep so well on my chest.

Meredith M 0 likes

Swaddle her, rock her, play lullabies, or sit in the kitchen with the dishwasher on (babies love that white noise) and just gentle sway her in your arms. The swing worked for my daughter & the dishwasher or washing machine worked for my son. :)

Missy E 0 likes

Not a whole lot you can do since babies don't get on a regular sleep schedule til a few months older (usually 4 months). I stayed up til 3am with my baby girl a lot of the time for the first few months. It was brutal but it does get better. I forced myself to get up early (8am) and got my baby up at that time too. She eventually started getting tired around 7pm with that routine. Try not to let her nap too late in the evening before bed time.

Anita C 0 likes

My baby is 7 weeks old. I remember having to lay her on my chest a few nights to make her fall asleep. I know it's hard it does get better. I know swaddling mine up and giving her a binky worked wonders.

LaDonna W 0 likes

The swaddle is the key... YouTube has awesome tutorials on different swaddling techniques... Short and sweet. It gets better :-) I promise

Julie H 1 like

Give a warm bath and swaddle. Our LO can't sleep without being swaddled. I also massage/rub the baby's feet to calm LO down and to soothe him. Stay consistent with what you do. I read the secrets of a baby whisperer and that had good pointers.

Val M 0 likes

Swaddling! We love the Swaddle Me brand. We also use a cuddle cove that came with our pack n play. Both my kids were great sleepers. My 4 week old daughter will eat 4 oz around 9 pm and sleep from about 10-3. She is typically wide awake from 3-4 or longer. Hang in there! It will get better.

KiKi B 0 likes

A little oil massage should help warm the oil by rubbing Ur hands before it touches the baby's body GOOD LUCK 👍

Lindsey P 0 likes

We tried co-sleeping..he slept better with me and I was able to get a few hours at a time.

Alicia R 0 likes

I'm new at this mom thing by three weeks, but what we have done is teach our son the diff between day and night. How?!!! During the day the curtains are opened, the light shines in we let noise happen and he sleeps through it. At night we draw the drapes, make less noise, and around 630ish when we feed and change him we put lavender lotion on him and say night night lotion. He gets swaddled, hugged and kissed, and put in his crib.

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During the day don't let her nap for more than 3 hours at a time. Make sure there is noise during the day tv or radio on, blow dry hair around her, keep shades open so it's bright. At night, keep it very dark, no talking or singing. You want them to know it's time for sleep. It can take a little while but over time they will realize. Also if you have to change her, do it before you feed her and not again unless you know she had a messy diaper. That can really wake them up.

Kristi R 0 likes

I know people say it takes time and you get so tired of hearing that. But it's so true. My son is 3 months now & sleeps so much better. We would swaddle him & he would always manage to get an arm out. Now he sleeps in his sleep sack or Jammie's and he's a much better sleeper. You just have to try different things. Bath, sound machine, rocking, Etc. Find a routine that works for you. Get them to know the difference between night and day :-) Hopefully you and the baby start to sleep better!

Denise H 1 like

Distinguish night and day. Talk to her and have noise around (tv) during day. Night keep it dark and quiet. I would also develop a bedtime routine-bath, read a book, feed her etc

Alex M 1 like

I agree I did the B's: bath, breastfeed, brush/ wipe gums, book and bed.

Nicki B 0 likes

Make sure she is warm enough. Our baby's worst night was when we turned off the heater after an unseasonably warm day and forgot to turn it back on. Now I put my baby in footie pjs, a sleep sack, and sometimes use a space heater.

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Mine slept really well o. My chest when she was little

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Johnson and Johnson lavender lotion. It could also help to let LO sleep with you.

Marianne M 0 likes

Babies that young will wake often, mostly to eat because their tummies are so tiny. Agree with a lot of these other moms though. Bright days and dark nights - get outside during the day if you can. Even this young, a bedtime routine will start to teach longer nighttime sleep. Hang in there, mama. It does get better.

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