Any suggestions on what to pack in your hospital bag (what made you comfortable?)

Shantel Y 0 likes

Panties (hospital issue is a mesh nightmare) Pjs Socks Robe 4-5 onsies Toiletries A blanket Entertainment (DVDs, CDs, books) A baby blanket Leaving outfits for you and little one (you are not gonna want to wear anything tight, go for tights) has a decent checklist I used for both of mine.

Momma T 0 likes

I had a comfy robe that I loved it was so warm I don't know what I would have done without it πŸ˜„

Mom Of 5 2 likes


Mercedes M 0 likes

Extra clothes of course your own pjs and soap and shampoo and a small blanket to cuddle with that way when you go home baby will have the blanket with your sent so she/he sleeps better

April D 0 likes

Pillows and snacks

M K 2 likes

Toothbrush and toothpaste. Deodorant. Snacks. Nursing top. Anything that will make you feel human again (makeup, Chapstick, a favorite lotion, etc.). Comfy pants.

Proud M 3 likes

I went into labor completely unexpected and had nothing packed at all and I honestly didn't need anything except clothes for when I was discharged (I was comfortable staying in the hospital gown since I was bf) so there's no true necessity just whatever you feel you'd want to keep you happy and comfortable

Shannon H 0 likes

Your own maxi pads

K & A's Mama 2 likes

If you'd like to send your email address I would be glad to email you my spreadsheet. One MUST: a cozy robe. I loved having that after my girl was born. I didn't weR the hospital gown at all.

Mommy B 0 likes

Your own pillows!

Mama Of M*** and A*** 0 likes

Agree! You own robe, maxi pads, pants, toothpaste and toothbrush, hairbrush. May be even shampoo and conditioner

Britney 0 likes

Definitely my own hygiene products

Becky W 1 like

My robe, sweat pants, my own toiletries, makeup and hair ties

Ri R 0 likes

I ended up having a c section and was so glad to have my own shampoo and soap, lotion. Def a tank top or nursing top. I had a ton of visitors and trying to undo the hospital gown to nurse was a pain. Oh and pads. I only used the bulky ones for a day.

Brittany M 0 likes

All of the above but make sure u download an app to your phone for tracking diaper changes and feedings,.. Something I didn't think of until I got home and it is soooo handy! Wish someone told me before baby was here,.. I have baby connect... Cost me a few dollars but it tracks everything imaginable!

Alyssa P 0 likes

Definitely don't forget Chapstick. Also, I brought my normal shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and body lotion to use in the hospital. I wanted my baby to learn my smell right away as opposed to smelling like the hygiene products the hospital supplies.

Momma T 0 likes

Yes Shannon is right bring ur own maxi pads hospital ones are horrible!

KW β 0 likes

Shampoo, conditioner, Chapstick, lotion, body wash, deodorant, toothbrush and paste, phone charger, comfy clothes, slippers, and the best thing I packed were instant ice packs for labor and delivery. Pushing is exhausting and hubby kept an ice pack on my head or neck the whole time. Really helped! I brought 6 and used 5 in 45 minutes... Lol.

Out N 1 like

I didn't pack till I was in labor so I paled my bag quickly. In it had pants, nursing tanks, breast pads, toothbrush for me and husband, gum, underwere. Baby take home outfits My mom brought latter on my boppy and swadlers since it made it easier for my daughter to hold him.

Tina C 1 like

Stupid question but maxi pads?

Jaxons M 0 likes

I made sure to have comfy pjs! I breastfed so I made sure they were button up! I brought a comfy pillow! Slippers are great! Your own toiletries. A blanket from home.

S M 0 likes

Shampoo, Conditioner, hair brush and hair ties, toothbrush. Nursing pillow if your breastfeeding. Something comfortable to wear home. You can bring slippers but some hospitals want you to wear their socks.

Stacey S 0 likes

Download white noise apps for baby...never know! It would have been a life saver!!

Jaxons M 0 likes

And as for the maxi pads, you'll bleed after and they have pads there but if there is a kind you prefer bring those!

Null N 0 likes

The hospital I went they had maxi pads. I would bring your own hygiene stuff(shampoo, soap.. Etc) my hubby was allowed to take a shower so bring cloths for him also.

Shannon S 0 likes

Slippers, tooth brush/tooth paste, hair care products (brush, own shampoo/conditioner) body wash, a book, your own pads (hospital pads are horrid! Lol) clean clothes (bring extras for yourself and hubby just in case) snacks. I was in the hospital for 5+ days with both my I always over prepare.

Tina C 0 likes

As for maxi pads should I get the thicker kind? How much bleeding post op?

Null N 0 likes

I would definitely get thicker for the beginning. I'm 3 week pp and I don't bleed that much. But everyone is deferent.

Hannah O 0 likes

You will bleed a lot after. For 3 to 4 weeks you will bleed.

Tina C 0 likes

@darci Thank u!

Tee M 0 likes

Chap stick Robe Big pads lol Comb Brush Slippers Sweat suit

Tina C 0 likes

Thanks ladies!! Ur the best:))

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