Any stay at home moms that work from home? I need a legit work from home job to bring in some type of money even though my SO don't want me to but I feel like it's right and plus it will be nice to have some of my own cash in my wallet :)

K R 4 likes

Right now I'm using textbroker, you get paid to write articles/blog entries for people. You can get paid anywhere between $3-$20 per article. So far I've only done two & made $14 but I've read a lot about the website & people have said once you get good you'll make more money. You could give it a try! It might not be a lot at first but maybe you'll get good & make good money

ProudMommy O 0 likes

Oh wow and is there a sign up fee & do I sign up on the website ?

K R 4 likes

There's no sign up fee, you just have to write a sample article & within a few days they "rate" your article. It can be anywhere from 1-4 stars, & that determines what articles you can write. (Ex; if you only get 1 star you can only write articles that's require 1 star quality) the higher the stars, the more you can earn. It takes them about a week to rate the article & then after that you can start writing! It's been a lot of work for me so far (cont)

Alycia M 1 like

I'm thinking about staying home and running an at home day care.

K R 1 like

But I'm determined to give it a shot & see if I can make some real money. They website is good luck! If you have any questions let me know! Sign up as an author

ProudMommy O 1 like

Nice I'm goin to check that out tonight :) thanks so much!

ProudMommy O 0 likes

Alycia I was thinking the same but still unsure lol

Stephanie O 1 like

Hi there! I do a health and nutrition program! I do it for the products to help me gain energy and loose weight. I also do it for the compensation plan!! It really is great and you can do it truly on your own time! So get healthy & make money?? Pretty awesome! Let me know if I can give you more info!

Hazel's M 1 like

@Stephanie Oswald... Is that something anyone can do?

Stephanie O 0 likes

Yep sure is!!!! Shoot me your email and I'll send you more information!!

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