Any self soothing sleep methods I should use for my 2 month old? I would like to try all possible options before using the "cry it out" method

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He is too young for the cry it out method - try a pacifier or just hold him. Babies want to be snuggled.

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I use a soother for my daughter. I make sure she is fed and burped and then I put her to bed when she is ready. If she cries for more than ten mins which isn't often then I know she is not ready for a nap. But she usually rubs her eyes when she is tired. I put her soother in her mouth when I put her to bed.

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Hey, ma! I didn't have any experience with babies, so when my 13 month old was born, my fingers were crossed. On a whim, I bought the book "happiest baby on the block." It's a method of 5 "s"'s: swaddle, sucker, shh, sway, shake. It was a life saver. Although you may look a little silly trying to remember all the s's and reading the book with a screaming baby at the same time, I highly recommend it. Hope this helps. :)

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Yup. Too little for cry it out. Try swaddling.

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He doesn't take much interest in his pacifier and I have also tried all the 5 s's and they work at first but when he wakes up he can't soothe himself back to sleep

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I agree she's too young for the cry it out method , wouldn't try that til she's 6months and older

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When he wakes up from naps or in the middle of the night. Most children have a hard time soothing back down for naps. At least both of mine did. Sometimes you just have to deal with short naps (even though they suck). My 2.5 month old will sleep in her crib often for only 30-45 minutes, then I have to pick her up and she'll pass out and I'll just have to hold her. She takes a pacifier easily, but it doesn't do the trick when she wakes too early from a nap. They get better as they get older!

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I know he's to young for the cry it out method I wasn't planning on using it until he was 6 months at least just wanted to try out every other option before he was 6 months

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I'm not sure I have ever heard of a two month old ever self soothing.. My little guy is seven months and is just starting to fall back asleep by himself but I'm still the one that has to get him to sleep in the first place.

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There really isn't any self soothing things to do before they're 6m .. SS implies that they are going to sleep on their own WITHOUT the use of crutches. (Ie paci,swaddle,snuggles,bottle,boob and anything else you can think of that isn't them just going to sleep on their own) until they are at least 6m they really do need your help and the feeling of comfort that your touch brings to them. You can try putting them down awake but sleepy if they will but other than that you just have to wait it out

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At that age I sat in the rocking chair or swayed back and forth until my babies were sleeping. Too young to sooth themselves.

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You could try a different type of pacifier. We used the Avent soothie for the first 3 months. When I bought the 3-6 month size he wasn't interested. So I got a NUK one and it's been working well.

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Serenity don't let others get you down for mentioning the CIO method. I did it to my daughter at 5 months and it was ok'd by our pediatrician. I went through the same thing and since I felt like she was to young I held her and cuddled her to sleep and to soothe.

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I put a vibration pad under my 2 month olds sheets and played ocean sounds when I put him in his crib and sleep training was a breeze he has slept from 8pm to 8am sense he was a little over 2 months and is 2 years now

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The Happiest Baby On The Block book was a lifesaver for our somewhat cranky colicky baby! The methods sound a little strange, but they worked well for us!

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A warm shower with bed time lotion and soap and a warm bottle before bed soothes my little ones. Sometimes they won't sleep unless they are swaddled... I would never let them cry themselves to sleep. If their crying something must be wrong or bothering them.

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Baby whisper book is pretty good. She's against the cry it out method and says you should start "training" so to speak before 3 months .. Talks about EASY (eat, activity, sleep, you) and it goes into detail for each step. Worth the read!!!

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