Any other mommas here that have gotten pregnant soon after a miscarriage? I miscarried about five weeks ago and am eager to try getting pregnant again. I have had two very healthy pregnancies, with one miscarriage in between. Both miscarriages happened before 8 weeks, and were completed naturally with no D&C. I just planned on having my third close to my second because I would like them to grow up together. My youngest is 11 months old. Any advice/experience on pregnancy after miscarriage?

Renita H 1 like

My sister in law did. Now I have a nephew! I hope things work out for you.

Tasha B 1 like

I hav not had one but I hav talked to some of my friends that hav and they had no problem most of them got pregnant shorty after their miscarriage so if you want another keep trying it should work out for you shortly

René v 1 like

I had a miscarriage and my dr told me to wait at least 3 months. Of course I did not listen and fell pregnant again the very next month. Don't wait! If you are ready, do it

Chyane T 1 like

I'm sorry for your lose. I could have written this! Except I had my miscarriage 3 weeks ago and my youngest is 16 months. I'm really hoping to get pregnant right away, we tried for six months to conceive. I've read a lot of people's stories who have gotten pregnant soon after miscarriage. Good luck

Lisa P 1 like

I got pregnant with my first daughter 2 months after my first miscarriage and with my second daughter 3 months after my 3rd miscarriage.

Lauren @ 1 like

I had three miscarriages before my oldest, and it took us longer to get pregnant again after the third than it did after the first two. Not for lack of trying. ;)

J B 1 like

I had a missed miscarriage so needed to have a D&C. I waited one month just so I would go through one cycle then tried again. I got pregnant with my now 11 month old daughter. So sorry for your loss, I know it's tough.

Colbee H 0 likes

Thank you all for your support and stories. We want #3 so badly, and then we are finished (that's the plan anyways!). I am going to go for it. I feel healthy and take my prenatals daily. Hopefully we get er' done quickly!

Eileen C 1 like

I had a miscarriage and then a d&c and my OBGYN told me to try again right away and now I have a beautiful 10 month old baby boy. The dr said a lot of ppl tell you to wait after a miscarriage but your actually most likely to get preg right after

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