Any other breastfeeding moms out there have significant differences in milk productions when pumping? For example: I just pumped and my left breast produced almost 5 oz when my right only produced 2 oz. I've tried all the tips to get my right breast to produce more milk but I remember it was like this with my first child too. Just wondering if anybody else has this issue?

Ashley B 1 like

I'm in the same boat.. Well I nurse LO on one breast and I pump the other.. significant difference between how much milk comes out and the sizes of each breast but obviously that's because his suck is more powerful than pump. Wish I wasn't so lopsided though!! He refuses the other breast.

Leah M 1 like

That's perfectly normal. I was reading 5 oz is not a normal amount to pump from a breast and can actually signify an over production of milk! Anyways you're fine 😊 im the same way.

mercedes m 1 like

youre fine,pumping doesn't get all the milk out so that extra milk is in there 😊

Ava & E 1 like

Common and normal

Lala S 2 likes

I usually get 3ozs on the right side and 1 oz on the left. ☺️

Michelle K 2 likes

3-4 oz on left and 1-2.5 on right πŸ˜• it's annoying

Mama L 1 like

12oz on the left 6oz on the right and this is my second. Had the same exact production levels with my first. So strange how that happens.

Kelly P 1 like

Yes!! Within the first 2 weeks out of the hospital my right went down to less than an oz! While my left was pumping 4-5oz.. I tired everything!! Pumping every 2 hrs for 20-30 mins.. Taking fenugreek and drinking mother's milk while still only producing half an oz.. My mom brought me Malta and when I started drinking it my supply skyrocketed!!

Tifanee W 2 likes

I was literally juSt googling this last night!! Mine used to be the same as you described, but lately my right side is only producing half an ounce when I pump while my left produces anywhere from 5-7. 😩

Marianne M 2 likes

It's normal. Most women have more mammary glands on one side. I always started nursing on my weak side when lo was hungriest. I didn't necessarily pump more, but prob should have.

Sukh K 2 likes

I m the same way !! I think it's normal !!

Rachal H 0 likes

Mine started where my right was making 5-6 oz and left was 4-5 and now my right is making 3-5 oz and left is 4-6... So weird 😁

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