Anyone with a LO who had early intervention for motor delays? We're going in for an eval since my LO isn't walking at 19 mos. Any advice/words of wisdom? Kind of feel like we failed our LO. : /

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Every baby is different. Your LO will start when he/she is ready. Just keep encouraging it and eventually your LO will catch on.

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Mama don't worry that's why you are going to the dr for. I've read that most of the delays happen because our lo's don't spend enough time on their tummy so they don't get to strengthen their core like before when they where put to sleep in their tummy. Please keep us updated and I hope you're LO does great!!!😘

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I agree with Stephanie. You haven't failed your baby. Every child learns at different paces. Just keep encouraging and working with him/her and eventually they will get it. Talk to the doctor but just remember it all happens when the baby is ready.

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Instead of crawling, my son scooted on his butt. He didn't start walking until he was 14 months either. I worked with him constantly and I felt the same way you do. When he got ready to walk though he did. Babies do things on their own time sometimes. Maybe your LO is just stubborn like mine :)

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Yep, Every baby is different. Talk to your doctor about your feelings. I know it's hard to talk about it, but they deal with it every day and will tell you that it's not you failing him, it's him learning in his own pace. ❌⭕️

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My daughter is in PT for what started as torticollis but now they're helping her get caught up with where she should be. Pediatric physical therapists are awesome And make therapy so much fun for babies and kids. My daughter thinks her therapist is there to play with her for an hour every week. You're not a failure momma! Sometimes babies just need a little extra help and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. 😄

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Every child learns at different paces. My youngest is in speech therapy and getting therapy for motor skills etc. they all learn at their own pace, our job is to encourage and teach. I was upset at first when they did the evaluation and set him up for therapy, but the younger he is when he gets help the better things will be for him in the long run.

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Thanks everyone. : )

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