Any one experience depression while pregnant? I've never really had depression before but I've been getting really sad lately. I'm 26 weeks pregnant with my first and spend most of the time alone since hubby works all the time. It just seems to be really hard to find motivation to get out of bed everyday. Has any one experienced this and found something that works? I don't want to take medication, I don't like to be dependent on pills or anything like that. TIA!

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I wish I can help. I'm in the same boat.

Lil Miss Freya 1 like

Yes i would experience really really sad moments that i would end up crying for awhile. What i did was listen to music that had meaning to me, it did make me cry but the songs i played triggered good memories from when i was a little girl. Or reading your favorite book should help. Maybe try to go walking and change up the scenery. I was stuck at home in my 3rd trimester. My mom took me out and it improved my moods =}

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Being that your husband is gone a lot and your hormones are acting up you have reason to feel sad. Yoga helps, eat more vegetable and fruit, limit carbs and meat and general exercise and try taking a prenatal vitamins

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I would spend all mornings an afternoon sleeping an still feel tired when awake. But have someone to hang out with, could be a friend or a relative. Don't be alone at home bcuz it doesn't help at all, trust me. :)

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I was very depressed my first pregnancy I was even hospitalized because I was not eating it took a lot of therapy and getting away from the child's father. I was also stationed in Korea away from my entire family. Once I got back to the states and away from that awful situation I was in I got a lot better

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Yes! I even began experiencing a detachment from my unborn son because of my depression. I talked to my midwife and she suggested a counselor for pregnant woman. It really helps and if you ever feel really bad they have medications that are as safe as Benadryl and aren't dependent. You just take them when you are feeling really sad or down. I was against meds but the depression started effecting my pregnancy. I wish you the best and hope that you find something that works for you!

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Try spending time with ur family that's what helped me the most (: or with friends

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Get out and do stuff even just a short walk will help. Do things for yourself, read a good book etc. try writing out your feelings in a journal , just make sure you still eat (healthy foods will help the best) and drink a lot of water. What really helped me especially post pregnant was going out with my mom and doing things like going on a walk or lunch. Hang in there we are all here for you!!

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Change of scenery, bananas to boost your seratonin levels and 20 min of sun before 10 am with no hat.

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When I was pregnant I was nauseous all the time which made it uncomfortable to me, I was losing confidence in myself and lacked any motivation to do housework or even go out. Every thing would set me off and make me cry. My advice to you is to talk to family, friends, your SO.. Anyone who is willing to just listen to you. I think the main part of my pregnancy depression was loneliness.

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Go shopping for baby stuff that helps

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