Any of your babies have or had cradle cap? My daughter has it pretty bad on her head right now. What can you/did you do for it?

Erin H 1 like

Mine did and host washing it every night and then brushing helped.

Kim G 5 likes

If you are nursing I've heard breastmilk helps!

Jenn S 1 like

Use baby oil

Kathy M 4 likes

Coconut oil! Put it on before a shower and let it soak. Then lightly scrub out with fingernails. Takes a couple times but works! And just make sure all shampoo is rinsed out

Michelle L 0 likes

Baby oil

Susan E 0 likes

Agree... Baby oil

Franchesca F 3 likes

Coconut oil! 😊

Laura L 0 likes

Olive oil

Stephanie V 0 likes

I've been using baby oil but it hasn't done much

Christine C 0 likes

I got some stuff from Walmart for cradle cap worked wonders and also used baby lotion

Kacey L 0 likes

Both of my kids did..I used a tooth brush and head and shoulders shampoo and it never came back.

Hilary P 2 likes

I'd say coconut oil and a baby brush it out

N 2 likes

Breastmilk breastmilk breastmilk. Totally works!! Use a warm wet rag, gently rub or baby brush off and use breastmilk like lotion. Repeat repeat repeat! GL!

Anonymous 0 likes

I used a special shampoo for cradle cap,also coconut oil is the best.

Stephanie V 0 likes

What is the shampoo for cradle cap called and where do you get it from? Also I don't breastfeed so no breast milk for this mommy

Cynthia C 0 likes

Baby oil and then after it sat on his head a little while I used a soft bristle tooth brush.... It's the only thing that helped loosen the flakes

Ashley R 1 like

Breast milk or coconut oil! Breast milk does wonders for lots of things! Sounds weird but it also works for baby eye infections!

Amanda K 0 likes

I used baby oil and gently scraped with a baby comb then washed the head with shampoo and gently rub with a wash cloth.

J E 0 likes

Coconut oil is a natural anti bacterial it worked wonders for my sons cradle cap and baby acne

Brooke S 0 likes

Baby oil !!

Rachelle L 0 likes

My baby barely had it I soaked his head in vegetable oil or olive oil and tried to brush it out during the day. Than when I bathed him I put lotion on it after his bath and he's barely gotten it

Kaylie S 0 likes

Mine had it really bad!! My first had success with aveeno oatmeal baby wash but my second child had success ith me putting baby oil in his hair about 1/2 an hour before bath time. I would scrub his head with a baby brush before I bathed him to loosen the cradle ca and it worked wonderfully!! The oil can sometimes stick around sine after bathing but it will just moisturize more and wash out next time!

Crystal B 0 likes

When giving your lo a bath before rinsing of the shampoo take the baby brush and brush in circles on the head. We do the whole head twice. We still do it cause of his eczema but it also helps stimulate hair growth.

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