Any of you moms with PP hair loss or just wanting ur hair to grow quickly, I have news for you! I have tried it all BUT.. I got Biotin softgels & my hair is growing crazy fast! I have taken Biotin before & it never worked but I heard the softgels worked better so I tried it! I've been taking it for 3 mths & I haven't got my hair dyed since I started and in 3 months I have 5 inches of grow out!! My hair was so dead and wouldn't grow so that is amazing for me!! Just thought I would share! :-)

JVP 0 likes

What brand?!

MommaJ 2 likes

Natures Bounty. Super Potency 5000 mcg

Rosy A 1 like


Brooke K 0 likes

I have been taking them for a month, how long does it take. I'm still loosing it by the handfuls.

MommaJ 1 like

It took me about a month to actually start noticing a difference.. So you should probably start to see some results soon! But I have an alarm set on my phone so I don't forget to take them because they told me if your serious about wanting your hair to grow you can't even miss one day or it throws off the cycle of growth. I know it sounds crazy but in 3 months I've never forgot thanks to my trusty alarm!! Ha ha

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But now, I'm clipping my nails at least twice a week if not more and my hair is longer than it's ever been!! I used to have platinum blonde hair so I had so much damage and my hair is thin in general and then after having my son I was loosing more!! But now it's growing so fast and it even seems to be thickening a little bit too!

Carol M 1 like

Imma get some RIGHT NOW!!! Thank you!

MommaJ 0 likes

Lol of course!! I thought I would share because I have literally tried everything for my hair to grow and nothing has worked and I was skeptical about biotin again because I already tried it! But I will swear by the softgels!!!

Sam R 0 likes

Is it safe while breastfeeding? My baby's hair is long enough and I'm not ready to cut it yet I don't want it to affect him šŸ˜©šŸ˜‚

MommaJ 0 likes

I'm not sure? I would ask your doc?

Julie H 0 likes

Are there side effects or any negative reasons for taking it?

MommaJ 0 likes

Not that I know of no? I don't have any side effects.. They are just basically vitamins

Courtney ā 0 likes

Try jamaican castor oil Ive posted my hair growth from that before & i swear by it I grew about 4 inches in the first month and 2 inches continuosly after that

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