Any of you moms experience excessive hair loss after pregnancy? I delivered 4 months ago so thought I had gotten lucky to not have this happen? Any idea when this stops happening?

C L 0 likes

I delivered four months ago too and am also noticing quite a bit of hair shedding. Maybe hormones are regulating themselves more at this stage? I thought I was in the clear too.

Katelyn J 1 like

I'm 4 months and apparently this is when it really starts. Glad I had thick hair to begin with.

Mommy M 1 like

Yes it's pretty will be fine in some time naturally! I changed my shampoo but I guess it did not help will get better with time..:(

L A 1 like

Same thing happened to me around 3 months pp and I even started getting bald spots. I have been taking biotin for two months and it's been doing wonders. I highly recommend it.

L C 0 likes

I am 8 months pp and I am still losing hair but I am also still breast feeding

Melissa R 0 likes

My hair started falling around 4 months and lasted for about 6-7 months. It will get better

Brianna A 0 likes

I was wondering if it was because breastfeeding? I've also experienced excessive weight loss and thought it was because breastfeeding! I snack all day eating plentiful meals and haven't seen improvement! In glad to know I wasn't going crazy. Also does anyone know if biotin is ok while breastfeeding ?

Emily T 0 likes

My little one is 5 months old and my hair is still falling out! It's getting a little better. At 4 months it was just falling and falling out!

Jenny K 0 likes

This is totally normal. I think I lost a ton of hair between 4-5 months and then it started growing back at 5-6 months. Finally at 7 months my temples don't look bald anymore as the hair grows back. This happened with my first pregnancy too.

K V 0 likes

Lily- what brand and where do you find it?

Joy V 0 likes

I guess it's normal. I am 7m pp and my hair still fall out.. Ugh! Think im getting bald lol

Marianne M 0 likes

Mine stopped at about 8 months. Your body is flushing the progesterone from pregnancy, which kept all your hair in for a while, but now it goes, along with normal hair fall. Biotin supplements can help.

Jess M 0 likes

Totally normal and annoying as hell. My pediatrician told me the technical name for it but I can't remember. i'm still nursing at six months but I don't think that has anything to do with it. Losing less and less with each passing week. Worst part of post pregnancy I swear!

Amy M 1 like

I also thought I was in the clear then started losing huge amounts around 4 months. It has slowed considerably after only 2 weeks so I'm hoping this is the end!

Kathy M 0 likes

I continued to take my prenatel but didn't stop loosing my hair until 11m pp

L A 1 like

I got mine at Costco because it was super cheap. It's "Natrol" 5000 mcg tablets. I take one in the morning and one at night.

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