Any of you mommies have a baby carrier that you like? Brand and style? Not sure what to go with

Sunshine F 0 likes

I use the coach diaperbag. Love it. Has tons of space, got it at the outlets.

Tricia W 1 like

I just got the moby wrap for Christmas, my son just turned 4 months..i think it is the greatest thing!!

Anonymous 0 likes

I have a baby bjorn carrier and recently I purchase the ergo 360, which I find better for older babies.Both great.

M. S 2 likes

Love our ergo seriously couldn't live without it. Like my ring sling too but lo seems to prefer the ergo!

Andrea O 0 likes

I have a sling from a woman's company called Little Luv. I'm obsessed with it and so is my LO.

Maile E 0 likes

I love our Onya!

Ali A 1 like

We have the ergo and moby wrap. Love the moby for around the house. My LO sleeps so well in it! When he's fuddy and fighting sleep, I throw him in the moby and he's out in seconds!

K C 1 like

Moby wrap and the Ergo! We like both for different reasons. Moby is more for use in the house for me (Watch a YouTube video to figure out how to tie it). Ergo is more for use when we're out and about.

Elyse S 2 likes

Ergo baby 360 - so far it feels great to wear and LO loved it.

Chelsea F 0 likes

Moby wrap is great! I find it's a bit easier on my back as well :)

Jenn M 0 likes

Loved my ktan for when my dd was younger now I love my ergo

Ashleigh 0 likes

TULA!!! By far the best carrier and super cute to. I have just about every carrier and it's my fav.

Katy A 0 likes

I love my Moby and my husband loves the BabyBjorn (but I'm not a fan).

Scarlett and Brooklynn's M 0 likes

Do NOT get a snugli they hurt the back ! All my mom friends swear by the ergo

Marianne M 0 likes

Love the Baby Bjorn One ! Also liked the moby and baby k'tan when she was younger, but the Bjorn is so easy and fits her to much higher weight.

Michelle K 0 likes

Baby K'tan I looooove and is so comfy. I also have Bjorn WE love weight distribution and is super easy I'm just not sure LO likes that one

amy s 0 likes

we wouldn't be able to function without the moby and especially the ergo!

Carrie W 0 likes

Ergo 360 It's the best and easiest to put on :)

Sara S 0 likes


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