Any of you mommies ever been a surrogate for a family? Pros and cons? Seriously thinking about it because I'd love to help a family and I loved being pregnant!

A V 1 like

My cousin was a surrogate for friends of hers. She loved it! She is still in the little boys life kinda like an aunt.

Tess J 1 like

My sister is a surrogate and pregnant with her 7th baby. She gives such a wonderful gift to families who can't have children. They are not biologically hers btw ;)

Kali R 4 likes

That would be so awesome of you! I would never be able to do that, I would get to attached and wouldn't want to give the baby up

Car P 1 like

Great idea! Go for it

Baby M 1 like

God bless you! I hated pregnancy

Allyson P 1 like

I want to do it so bad but my SO won't let me :( which I guess I understand but I want to give someone the greatest gift ever!

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