Any of you mommas used Red Raspberry Leaf Tea before / during your pregnancy .. And did you drink it by itsel or mixed it with something ? Me and my SO are trying to have a baby and ive heard its supposed to help with infertility

Nadya D 1 like

I have started drinking it before we started TTC. They say if you didn't start before, you need to wait till end of 2nd trimester to start. So early start is good ;) I bought loose tea from Amazon (Frontier coop) - better value and quality. Made a whole pitcher at a time and kept in the fridge. I made it with raw honey since it is a little bitter on its own. It is also supposed to tone your uterus - I pushed for 10 min and was in labor for under 12hrs - I think tea might have played a role :)

Amber B 1 like

I used capsules before and during pregnancy. Another good thing to take before for fertility is MACA. 😄

Kalene B 0 likes

What is MACA ?

Amber B 0 likes

It's actually a root vegetable but you can buy it in health food stores. Get gelantized Maca so it's easy to digest. It's known as a fertility herb and helps balance hormones and improves mood and energy.

Kalene B 0 likes

Hmmm ill have to look for it ! Thanks for the idea !!

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