Any of you mommas use the Facebook marketplace to sell things? I made a mistake and sold my dads vintage coffee table 😫 the minute they took off with it I regretted it. I wrote a long message about it asking if he'd agree to give it back (an hour or so later) and said I'd cover his gas coming and of course any inconvenience charges. I feel so bad asking this and never have before but I haven’t heard back so I'm guessing it is gone forever. So sad 😢 and I know it's my own darn fault.

Mel Marie 2 likes

That's the only thing you can do. Cover gas and give the money back. I hope they return it but i doubt it if they haven’t answered back :/

Out N 2 likes

Hopefully they return it. I don't bother with marketplace anymore. I do post some of my buisness post on there but people by me drive me insane with it since I will get like 20 “is it avalible” messages from the same person overnight but when I respond in the am they don’t answer

MommyJ 1 like

Also hopefully they return it !!!!

Mommy O 1 like

Out Numbered Mel Marie MommyJ I hope so too! Still no answer back. I hope he doesn't hate me and will respond! 😢

Nikki M 3 likes

Mommy Of3 did he write back yet?

Ashley M 1 like

Any luck??

Mommy O 0 likes

Nikki M Ashley Michelle yes! He was so nice and kindly returned it 😍❤️ so nice of him

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