Any natural ways to induce labor? I'm scheduled to be induced on the 29th and I really don't want to resort to that. My real due date is Friday. My parents suggested acupuncture but I'm not sure I want to do that. As of this past Monday, I was still only dilated just under 1cm.

Elsa M 1 like

Fresh pineapple 😊

Brittney E 0 likes

Walking!!! As much as possible and up the stairs if you have any. Also sex!

Danie M 0 likes

Bouncing put me in labor, I felt the first contraction, got to the hospital in 20 mins and was 8cm dilated (though it wasn't on purpose, my 3 year old wanted to jump on the bed with me)


Good luck I tried nipple stimulation Walked at least 10 miles over due Bounced on a yoga ball Lots of sex None of them worked for me.

Katy D 0 likes

Apparently nipple stimulation can induce labor. I didn't try it, though, so I can't speak from experience.

Diana F 0 likes

Nipple stimulation and squatting in the shower with hot water hitting your back! My contractions went insane like that, only 2-3 mins apart I had my baby the next day.

Diana F 0 likes

I also never stopped having sex lol I had it until the day I gave birth πŸ˜…

Chrissy G 0 likes

I drank fresh squeezed lemon juice with my waters during the day. Had 1 lemon juice water the first night, the next day I had 3 and got my first contraction at 8:30pm!

Everleigh's M 1 like

Hot raspberry tea, fresh pineapple, walking, SEX ! My bf massaged my inner thighs &my water broke 20 mins later.

Jordan C 0 likes

Is there a medical reason as to why your set to be induced?

Emily L 1 like

Why do you have to be induced? I was going to say just let yourself go into labor naturally it's the best for you and the baby and it's a lot easier on your body. Induction is a lot more painful especially if you are planning on a natural one!

Kristi H 0 likes

I sat in a heated pool! Worked like a charm.

Lizzie M 1 like

Never stopped having sex, I was in labor for less then 2 hours :) and walking lots

Cassandra K 1 like

The 29th marks week 41. I'm guessing they don't want the baby to be over done. My doctor is all for labor to happen naturally but it was put in place as precaution.

Kiegan's M 1 like

SEX!!!! My baby came out 10 days early because of it!! πŸ˜†

Mama Of 3 0 likes

Take evening primrose oil. It's an herbal supplement that you can buy at any store that sells vitamins. My midwife told me about them. I went into labor the next day although I have heard some woman say it took longer. But it just softens the cervix like semen would. No side effects. Won't hurt the baby. Also bouncing on yoga ball helped and I pumped 15min each side 2x a day it sometimes can trigger contractions. Good luck! Oh also have your SO massage lower legs there is pressure points there.

Cassandra K 0 likes

I just felt like cleaning the toilet. It was nasty. Maybe I am getting close to labor. Lol. Isn't the urge to clean a sign? FTM here.

Amber H 0 likes

Spicy food put me in labor an hour after I ate it....but I was also 3 days past my due date and I was also in labor for 24 hours....they also had to break my water

Cassandra K 0 likes

Asked my hubby for a foot rub and leg rub later and he's like " anywhere else you need rubbed"? And that isn't supposed to sound sarcastic either.

Charlotte's M 0 likes

Have you tried a membrane sweep ?

Cassandra K 0 likes

What's that?

Marina 0 likes

Walk until u cant walk anymore. Did it for 2 hrs abd went into labor a few hrs later

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