Any natural remedies for teething that anyone has tried?

Shannon A 0 likes

I've been thinking about buying my LO an Amber Teething necklace. Have you heard of them?

Jacquie Z 1 like

Try the amber necklaces. A friend of mine swears by them!

Jody G 0 likes

I haven't used yet but my son is 3 months old and it's just starting but I've ordered one of the amber teething bracelets. Hopefully it will help with the slobbering.

Shyanne H 0 likes

Homeopathic medicine, there's this stuff called Camilla it's wonderful! Meant just for babies teething. Love it.

Melissa W 0 likes

Amber teething necklace. Chew beads brand teething ring.

Christina W 0 likes

Rubbing your lo guns with your clean finger to stimulate them, and wet wash clothes for the baby. I have a teething thing that is hard to explain, but it's basically a mesh bag with a handle and snaps shut. I use frozen fruit and veggies for my daughter to chew on and she loves it. They're a few bux at Walmart

Kayla L 0 likes

I get hylands teething tablets that say they're natural.. Idk if that's actually true but they work most of the time

Lauren B 0 likes

Also Camilla drops and an amber teething necklace is what I use. Who knows what works?!?

Nicole W 0 likes

Hylands teething tablets have had dozens of recalls for brain and liver bleeding... Try not to use any teething tablets. They make a mesh pop that I put cut up frozen watermelon and banana in for my son as well as the occasional Tylenol if he's in serious pain.

Nicole W 0 likes

I've also heard that Amber teething necklaces do wonders. I have this teething toy that vibrates when my son bites on it and he loves it. It usually soothes him for a good half hour before I need to find a new distraction. Pretty much anything cold helps such a refrigerated spoon, or teething rings that are filled with that gel stuff

Nattie 0 likes

I used ice. I would melt it down with some warm water and wrap a napkin Round one end to hold it and then stick the other end in his mouth and try to put it on his gums. He would suck on it and I would remove it every 5 seconds and then stick it back in after 5 seconds (so that his mouth wouldn't get too cold) seemed to help. I also BF so that helps too lol.

Mellissa T 0 likes

Frozen damp washcloth

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