Any moms who co sleep with their toddler and a newborn?

Kori C 2 likes

Every chance my LO goes to sleep I put her in her crib. But occasionally when she wakes at night I have to hold/co sleep with her till she gets Ina deep sleep then put her in her crib.

Rachal H 1 like

That's how we do it too.. Once they are fast asleep we move them and if then still need us we are there ❤️

Ashley A 0 likes

Thanks I'd like to continue co sleeping with both just not sure how it's gonna work. Or how others do it.

Lady T 0 likes

Good question!!

Olivia N 1 like

We did, husband would take our son and since I'm a light sleeper and wake with any sounds the baby makes, I slept with her. My son is starting to sleep less and less with us, he goes to his room, so when my baby is due, my daughter is going to have to start sleeping with dad, she will be two and two months. I don't know how I'll do it, she only likes sleeping with mommy

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