Any moms out there with toddlers who have ADHD? Been having a hard time with my 3 yr old, took him to doc and they said that he does seem to have ADHD. I decided not to make an appt with specialist cuz I don't plan to medicate him but omg I'm going nuts! Wth do ya'll do to keep sane? It just seems like it gets worse and worse. At wits end here.

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He does unreal stuff.. Just today he has pulled out all the toilette paper, poured cokes out in the bath tub and yard, crushed chips all over his brothers bed, poured syrup on the carpet.. As well as something else wet on carpet... All kitchen cabinets are open..

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And he even got my tampons and opened ALL of them... Then he put them in coke and started throwing them around. I'm about to pull my hair out! What are you guys doing for this? Are you other ADHD moms going through the same thing? It's 10:16pm n he won't go to bed!! I even spanked him! N I don't like to spank!! ADVICE ON DEALING???

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I literally locked myself in the bathroom and just cried today..

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Try cutting out sugar. My sister is add and just how had to get medicine for it. She's 14. And the only reason my parents put her on medicine was because he grades and school work were suffering. I don't see any need for a child that young to be on medicine. But to each there own. Hang in there momma!

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Most professionals won't diagnose a child with adhd till about the age of 4 because toddlers are insane by nature. Most don't ever sit still, listen, be quiet, or "act normal" for that matter lol. I would personally wait till he is older to take him again, does he go to preschool? Best thing for you to do is try to look at how you are reacting to his behavior. I thought my son might have something wrong also because he was just too much, but once I changed my reaction/ behavior towards him

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Im not into the meds either. Im trying to manage it on my own n without them n it's just so hard.

Adrienne M 2 likes

Make sure there's no yellow or red dye in the foods you're giving him! That was a trigger for my godson

Taylor S 1 like

Definitely try the diet. Limit the foods that have a lot of sugar. Ketchup made my sister hyper. It may you LO as well. Just try that and see what happens!! I wanna hear feedback on whatever you decide to do!!

Sophia 2 likes

Don't feel bad momma. This is one of the most misdiagnosed conditions in children, so he might not have anything, and he's just acting like a fussy toddler and might have a strong personality. Try to change scenarios, maybe a different preschool, more outdoor activities, always try to ask him why he's acting out , it could be many reasons and he's old enough to be understood. Sometimes is just a phase, give it time and don't give medications if you feel is not the right way to go.

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I agree with Taylor. I had a friend who completely changed her daughter's diet, she cut out all processed sugar and went gluten free, among other things. Studies show that some children are very sensitive to processed foods. Take care! And get help! Resources are out there, talk to your Dr. You're not alone!

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He started to change. So maybe try to stay calm when he's acting out because at that age they literally have no control of their anger or fears, so try to teach him how you responded to stressful situations by maybe talking calmly and understand what is going on in his head. It's difficult at first because I just want to call it quits sometimes but it really helped my sons "emotional state of mind".

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Go see the specialist!! Just make it clear you are NOT looking to medicate AT ALL. They will have lots of other tips and tricks to deal with the issues ADHD kids often have. They may also be able to set you up with services thru the state or parent support groups. I would also recommend joining some Facebook groups for parents of kids with ADHD since they usually have tons of advice. The most crippling thing about having a special needs child is the feeling of isolation- like you are alone on

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An island dealing with an issue you are in no way prepared to deal with. Reaching out and getting as much information from as many sources as possible has been the only thing I have found to ease that feeling. Even if you find out those resources aren't for you, better to have the option than not.

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Thanks for the advice ya'll. was having such a hard time yesterday. But today is a new day and a much more put together mommy!

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Just an update! My son is doing much better now!! So thankful. It gets really hard sometimes but he has calmed down a bit!!!👏👏👏

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