Any moms out there with children with a speech delay? My daughter is 3 and her speech is very delayed. She's in therapy and she's improved so much, I just worry she'll still be really behind when she starts preschool. Does anyone have any similar experiences, did your kids get in the swing of things ? What helped them in your opinion the most ? I read to her all the time.

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My son went to therapy very early and that makes all the difference but he did turn around extremely fast. Just talk to her constantly about everything you see, hear, or are doing or going to do. You need to be her model that that's what we do we talk. It's almost annoying lol but seriously if your dressing her say okay here comes your shirt, that's a pretty red shirt, put your arm in, okay other arm, good girl, over your head, all done... Instead of just putting the shirt on

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Also I see/look at that games... The car is the best I ask my son if he sees the truck or the trees or the store... I do it grocery shopping too lol I tell him what we need to buy and what we are having for dinner ext...idc if people think I'm nuts constantly talking to a 2yr old it's engaging him and he's a chatter box now probably bc his mom never shuts up lol

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I've deal with a couple of kids nannying that had speech delays. Reading helps but also make them say what every item is when you give them something. Ex: if you want juice you need to say what kind or what cup. You need to keep repeating everything until they are saying it too. It's a lot of just talking with them all day. Also if they are trying to say a more complex word help them sound it out. Break down every word and phrase you are working on. Good luck!

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My son has a sever speech delay, he was saying a few words before 1, then we moved to Las Vegas and he completely stopped talking until he was 2.5, he was in therapy since he was 18m what helped a lot was sign language, he's still delayed and is almost 5 in November 22nd, but his speech is considerably a lot better, he starting to form longer sentences, missed words here and there but you can totally understand what he's trying to say, his prek teacher says he's doing great, I couldn't be more

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Proud. We read, do activities, make cupcakes and goo, and stuff like that meanwhile we explain everything. We go to the park and point out everything we see, he's come along way, and I couldn't be more proud:)

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I don't know exactly how to deal with it, but I actually was like that when I was a child and I just wanted to give you a heads up that I never necessarily got completely into the swing of things. It's not like I can't speak correctly or anything and I actually do have a big vocabulary(As all through high school with AP classes that have some tough words) but I can tell you I still pronounce words wrong, but once I've heard it a few times it gets better. For me I didn't even know I had it when..

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I was a kid, but my mom just told me recently that i was in therapy and everything. When I went to one recently, they said its most like due to the fact that my mind thinks faster than my mouth moves and that's why words may come out jumbled and mispronounced. Maybe it's the same for your little one?

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My son has been in speech therapy for about two years now. He was never a talker as a baby. Hes 3 1/2 (4 in oct) and i find when he is in day care (school next week) his words are clearer. Hes been home with me since march and even now that speech was done for the summer his words are becoming less clear even though we do homework. I was told tbat while in school he will still go to speech therapy like normal and then next year they come to the school.

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