Any moms out there love a specific diaper rash cream? We use aquaphor regularly however, my son has a very bad rash right now to the point that the skin is broken because he's having really bad diarrhea. We can't even use sensitive wipes when it's like this so I make my own with dove sensitive soap and gauze pads but I just need something more than aquaphor to help him!

Caitlyn S 2 likes

Not sure If you can get it but the cream "skin fix " is amazing

Jade F 2 likes

I love Butt Paste. I use the natural one

Anna C 0 likes

What helps my son , is mustela vitamin barrier cream ! Works great !! Have you tried letting it air out?? I did that wit my son he would get horrible rashes few times a week I let him be without a diaper for his rash to heal...

Kali R 1 like

I make mine! My daughters bottom has gotten so sore it's gotten blisters before and nothing works. Equal parts: neosporin, diaper cream, athletes foot, and cortisone cream! It works great- it's kind of equivalent to greers goo. When I use this it clears up a bad rash in less than 1-2 days usually

Yvonne A 0 likes

A&D ointment... It hold the moisture in his skin. That's what I have used since day one. Diapers always sucked the moisture from LO skin.

Katie L 2 likes

Stop using soap and just wet the gauze pads w water! Just think how bad it would hurt putting soap on your skin if it were that raw! Then try to let her butt air out w out a diaper as much as possible!

Ailsa S 0 likes

Extra strength butt paste

Anony M 3 likes

I swear by A&D. It smells funny but does the trick.

Maddie P 3 likes

Buttpaste is amazing! My daughter is 3 months and has never had a rash!

Alyson ? 3 likes

Butt paste is the best for us! Seemed to me that desitin was really thick, and wiping it off her butt was causing more irritation than anything. She had a bad butt rash with blisters, it even bled and my father in law told me to use butt paste. I saw dramatic changes in three days. I got the maximum strength.

Stephanie F 0 likes

I would skip the paste and use straight corn starch to dry it up. My daughter had a rash so bad once that it was raw and weepy so any kind of cream or paste wouldn't stick. It just kind of slides around. The corn starch worked miracles! It dried it up so the healing process could start.

Marianne M 1 like

I swear by Desitin! Don't wipe it off, just clean the mess with water and put more on. Our nurses taught us that). I use A&D for normal preventive and switch if I see a rash starting. (She's only had one rash that lasted more than a day - 20 months).

Irasema Y 1 like

Butt paste seems to help a lot

Jaeda C 0 likes

I use the target brand that is equivalent to Desitin, and I love it! The extra strength is 40% zinc oxide, which works really well, but it's also gentle enough that you can use it with every diaper change if you want!

Linsi M 0 likes

I use Triple Paste if my girls get a rash & A&D ointment as a barrier

Rebecca R 0 likes

She's had diaper rash once. I put desitin on it and cleared up by her next diaper change.

S B 0 likes

I use coconut oil , my Los never had any rashes

Allie J 0 likes

Make sure LOs bottom gets some air before you put cream on

K R 0 likes

I use Burt's Bees Diaper Cream, a little pricey but I got it at my shower & love it!

Stephanie M 0 likes

Vasline does wonders for my LO

Erika E 0 likes

I use Desitin max and it clears up pretty quick

Judy V 0 likes

Use warm water with washcloth or cotton, desitin the purple top, lots of air time and a small amount of baking soda in his bath. I don't use wipes because it would bother my son's bottom. I would blot your son's bottom instead of wiping.

Kathy M 0 likes

I bathe in baking soda water, then. Apply coconut oil and buttpaste

Karla D 0 likes

Try a lavender stick. Made by pelindaba lavender. It works great and you can use it for a bunch of other stuff too!! You'll have to order it online.

Carrie W 0 likes


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