Any moms out there have any good advice on behavior reconditioning for a 5yr old with ADHD?

Taylor & 1 like

Get them into a sport like soccer or t ball

Dusty G 1 like

I know all about ADHD... I have a son who was diagnosed with it at an early age. It's a hard thing to watch your child go through it and it's also hard on the parent. Prayers goes out to you and your child. What all have you tried and is your child on medication for this?

Eva H 1 like

I know people in china in the old days, they had their hyperactive kids to learn kung fu.

Dolly B 1 like

Read 123 magic. It's a really good read and so helpful

Fergie B 1 like

Just be very consistent in whatever you decide to do and stick to a schedule!

Sandy W 1 like

My youngest child showed amazing, positive changes by taking him outside and letting him "explore" a bit.

Courtney V 1 like

Let your child get all that excess energy out by doing some type of physical activity (jumping on a trampoline, go for a run w him, join a team, karate) and if he likes it then you can also use one of them as a positive reward for good behavior. Also look into a change in diet. I work w kids w ADHD and you wouldnt believe how much sugary junk their moms put in their lunch boxes. Good luck :)

Pepper G 1 like

Thx everyone. No she's not medicated. I'm concerned for school. We held her back in kinder again this yr, she was 4 & the youngest in her school last yr. Her skills academically are at a grade 1/2 level, her focus is making her struggle. She needs to be totally interested to be engaged in what she's doing. If I sat with her she could read books all day, if alone she'd be bored in 2 secs. We went and bought a box of 50 crafts, she was done in 2 days. Just cause she jumped from one to the next.

Rachael H 2 likes

(1/2) I've had to deal with ADHD my whole life. My mom put me on meds during school hours but choose to handled me herself at home. Eventually she had weaned me from the meds completely by middle school. I've been handling it myself ever since and had straight A's in high school. She had help in the form of a few really good teachers who knew how to handle me and helped me out a lot to focus while in class. Talk to her teachers. But a little secret? Give her coffee. Hahaha?- no. I'm serious.

Rachael H 1 like

(2/2) Caffeine will help her focus and actually has a calming effect on us ADHD'ers. How much you give will obviously be up to you, if at all, but it's just a suggestion and I promise I'm not just pulling that fact out of my butt. Also, like what every one else is saying: physical activity will help. Take a walk before school in the mornings. Exercise will keep her fit and calm. Naps WON'T HELP. They will only make it worse. I don't know why everyone was always trying to get me to take a nap

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