Any moms have tips on getting pregnant while nursing still? I feel like we've been trying but every month goes by and I get sad when my period comes :(

Tiffany P 1 like

Breastfeeding reduces your chances of ovulation, so you are less likely to get pregnant, even if you get your period.

Megan C 1 like

Nursing makes is a little harder to get pregnant but not impossible you just have to try a little harder than you would if you weren't nursing. Try buying tests to know exactly when you are ovulating

Miranda R 0 likes

I know that feeling. It's such a roller coaster ride... you get exciting thinking you might be pregnant and then you feel crushed when your period comes. Try buying some ovulation kits so you can be sure to have sex at the right time. And download one of those apps that help track your cycle; I used "Kindara" and it worked. Good luck, try to relax and have fun 😉

Kalene B 1 like

Ive been trying to get pregnant for like ever so i know the feeling .. I stopped getting excited when my period was late 😔 praying for you though mama ! I do know someone though who was still breastfeeding and got pregnant again

Danie M 1 like

I read that once you stop night nursing your chances increase

Karrine D 0 likes

I have 2 friends who got pregnant while nursing. So it's not impossible to get pregnant while nursing, probably just takes a little longer than for a woman who isn't nursing.

Mom of Boys 0 likes

How much longer will you be nursing? How old is your LO?

J L 0 likes

I did it by accident. Apparently a glass of wine and being relaxed helps.

Cristel F 1 like

BF is like a method of contraception, you'll have very little chances to get pregnant while BF

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