Any moms give there baby soy formula? N why? I'm considering changing my baby's formula because the dr said with all the spitting up, eczema rashes all over baby may be a dairy allergy. My LO is 3 months n I hope the switch won't be a big issue n hope it fixes his issues. What's ur thoughts?

Lindsey P 1 like

My youngest was put on soy in the hospital and it worked for a few months but due to the milk allergy the dr switched him to nutramigen and he ha been great ever since. He was spitting up a lot and had reflux w the soy

S.mama 1 like

I heard that soy can constipated baby too. Just beware !!! Good luck

Danie M 1 like

My youngest was on soy for 3 months due to a temporary lactose intolerance after a stomach virus.. Just keep in mind that soy formula constipates

Amelia β 1 like

My son threw up so much so his doctor said to try soy and it didn't help so he's on nutragemin and Zantac

Ambry G 1 like

My daughter is on Alimentum. Soy still has protein in it that is similar to Cow protein so if it's a true cow protein allergy soy won't help.

Kai 1 0 likes

I meant nutragemin is what I'm going to try. I just called it soy because that's the stupid word I picked when I relate to it. Smh. I'm sorry ladies. I'm new to the formulas n allergies with LO. πŸ˜…πŸ‘ŠπŸ½ that punch is for me lol

Kai 1 0 likes

Nutragemin not Soy β˜ΊοΈπŸ™ŒπŸΌ correction

Dezirae R 0 likes

Both my kids were put on soy formula and now are on soy milk. No problems. Hope it all goes well.

Kameryn B 0 likes

I had it when I was little because I couldn't have regular formula πŸ˜•

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