Any moms find jobs where they can stay at home?

Nina T 1 like

I wonder the same. I wish we can work from home. How hard is fine to me. As long as im at home with the Lo.

Savys M 1 like

I work from home doing home childcare. I watch other people children while being able to stay home with my own and still earn some income. I was a preschool teacher before I had my daughter so now I just be a teacher at home! I love it!

Amanda C 0 likes

Wondering the same thing. I too was a teacher, prior to being a SAHM, but wonder if taking on other children during the day will lessen the time I focus on my own child??

Willa's M 1 like

I work from home. I'm a project manager for a software company. But I still have to work just as much as someone in the office so my LO still has to go to daycare.

Diana C 1 like

I would agree. It's not about working from home but having a flexible schedule. If you're working from home you can get very little work done while your little one is awake.

Perfectly M 1 like

Yeah I don't think there's any job where you really get to interact and be with LO. My foster mom is a paralegal and she works at home a lot but is constantly busy sending emails and checking papers.

Taryn C 0 likes


Taryn C 0 likes

I've nannies for like ten years and now I do again 600$ or so a week isn't bad

Heather W 1 like

I'm also a nanny... On leave right now since I'm due soon and my bosses have an interim nanny. Once baby is born I can decide when to come back and can bring baby! And it's only 3 days per week :) I have lots of nanny friends who do the same!

Chantal G 0 likes

I work for a night call company, I just have to check for calls and process invoices. Most of my calls come in after my hubby is home or LO is asleep.

Raquel B 0 likes

I work 3 out of 7 days a week (when I go back). I feel just as much like a SAHM as I do a full-time working mom. I think it's a perfect balance for me.

Heather A 0 likes

My husband works 4-11pm 4 days a week and he feels like a SAHD. I work 45 hour weeks during the day so he is primary caregiver

Kacy D 1 like

I decided to go work part time at the local grocery store at nights for 4 hours 3 days a week after my husband gets home from work. Because the town I live in is full of child care and not much other opportunities to work from home.

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