Any moms ever have issues with breast milk production? I have an almost three week old. My milk has barley came in. I can pump about 10-20 mL, she latches just fine and will spend about 10-15 min on each breast. She will then eat about 2-4 oz of formula after being on the breast. Dr started me on reglan but the side effects were crazy. I was not able to stay awake. So now I am on Domperidone. Started that one week ago. Anyone have any luck or words of advice on this?

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Try buying a pump. Pumping more should increase your production, that and drinking lots of water and eating healthy. I used a medela but there are lots of choices. I recommend a double electric pump, not a cheap one either.

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I had issues and still have issues with milk production :/ so I also supplement with formula. But also remember every time the baby drinks formula the less you will produce - which is what happened to me. My baby is now three months and I barley get out 1-2oz of milk on each side. :( all my friends told me they did pumped every three hours plus nurse in in between and that's how they got there supply up! The more you empty the more your body will make.

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Also try and let the baby nurse for more then 15min to try and empty them out. Hope this helps! Although I think some of us moms just don't make enough no matter what we do - but I wasn't consistent so that was probably why! Good luck!

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Don't laugh !!! My pediatrician said a beer a day helps !

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You can buy natural teas called mothers milk !! increase your fluid intake !!! I used to make myself drink water all day you can never have too much while breast feeding ! Also multi vitamins help ! And if you miss a feeding PUMP! The less you feed the less milk will produce , hope this helps

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Hmm remember anything you eat, drink or take goes through right to your milk. Supply:demand is how breast milk works...I've nursed 4 babies (currently still)...take yourself somewhere where you can solely be alone. Relax. Drink lots of water - your body depends on it. Keep putting her to breast, wait a bit - pump just one breast, nurse on opposite next time...don't give up. And as easy as im saying all this I know it's difficult but try TRY not to stress about everything...relax though.

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I had the same issue at one point. I consulted the lactation consultant from the hospital. She told me to drink plenty of water. Latch the baby on every 1 1/2-2 hours for 24-48 hours and pump after each time I nursed and to express milk with my hands after I pump. It's a supply and demand thing. With the extra pumping and hand expressing it will tell your body the baby needs more so you will make more

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Fenugreek helps... Drink lots of water a feed often it helps

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Unfortunately my milk never came in like it was supposed to. It was so frustrating bc I wanted to breast feed so badly! Hang in there and try not to stress about it. I know, easier said than done. I hope something works for you soon!

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Feed her and the pump each side following feeding her. Also, drink TONS AND TONS of water. If you think you drank enough.... Drink more.

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I was the same way. It was so frustrating and sad but my baby is happy and healthy so that's all that matters. I hope something works for you good luck!!

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First and foremost don't give up! The first month or two are the hardest. Let baby nurse until she stops on her own then pump immediately after. Nursing is a supply and demand thing. So pumping right after tells your body to make more for the next day.

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I went to a lactation specialist that help to massage me and it helped to double my supply. I'm not sure where you live but I would call and ask around to see if you have any specialist in your area. Good luck I hope you find help somewhere.

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There are foods that help with milk production too. I eat a bowl of oat meal in the morning and a glass of almond milk. And drink chamomile tea through out the day. Almonds are great for breastmilk so a hand full of them for a snack is always a good idea. Started this when LO was around 2 weeks. He hasn't had formula since.

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I had the same problem! Don't give her formula, just make her stay latched on as much as possible. It's really frustrating when you don't have enough for them and usually they get frustrated but that's how your milk will come in is from cluster feeding. My in laws kept making me give my LO formula and so I wasn't producing but now I've only been breastfeeding and it's enough. Drink mothers milk tea, I think it helped me.

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Take Brewers yeast tablets as well

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Fenugreek helped me to pump 14 ounces at each pumping session. I stopped taking it and can still pump about 8 ounces. I drink water all day long which helps. Not eating enough or feeling stressed made my milk production go down.

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