Any mommies have give birth in the winter months? If so what did you pack for baby to come home in. I'm due next Friday and my mom says that I don't have enough warm stuff for him to come home in. Currently have a long sleeve w/ pants onesie and a hat, mittens and a comfy suit to also put him in.

Kayla R 2 likes

Do you have a car seat cover? They help with the wind so it's not blowing on them.

Tara D 0 likes

I had 2 in winter and just had pj's and long shirt and put a blanket on top of them.

Coryn P 2 likes

That is plenty. He'll need to fit in his car seat, which they make you put him in before you exit the hospital. So you won't even need the suit, just the long sleeves and pants, hat and mittens, and a warm blankie to tuck him in. He'll be warm enough. My LO was born dec 22 and she was plenty warm.

Chelsea A 1 like

I think what you have is just fine! It's not like you'll be outside lol my mom criticized me about the things I had packed as well. My Lo pretty much stayed in what the hospital had him in until the day we left. Just bring some warm blankets and you'll be good to go! Congrats btw! I hope for a smooth delivery! 😊

immortelle 0 likes

Car seat cover and a nice blanket in addition to the clothes for us

Caitlyn S 1 like

A car seat cover , a sleeper with an undershirt and a blanket . You shouldn't put him in a snowsuit in the car seat anyway

Lindsey S 2 likes

What's a sleeper? And yes I have a car seat cover for him that's why I told my mom she was crazy cuz the thing looks super warm as is!

Coryn P 0 likes

Like footie pajamas or a sleep sack, something so the whole body is covered. My LO always got overheated if I put clothes on under her jammies, so I never did. But it doesn't get that cold in Louisiana.

Kamilla β 2 likes

You need car seat cover and blanket for sure. Do not put to much close on baby, he can be to worm in the car. Don't waste you money for winter staff. Baby growing so fast and if is cold out you not gonna go for a walk.

Nancy D 1 like

Don't forget Blankets and something warm for mom too!!

KW β 1 like

I took mine home in a sleeper and a hat. Hubby warmed up the car before we put her in and she had her car seat cover. Also put a blanket on her before zipping the cover up. It was 17 degrees and windy when we took her home! She did just fine. :-)

K B 0 likes

I had a onesie that covered her feet and It could roll down and cover her hands too. And I used the hospital hat, had a blanket to cover her legs. And a car seat cover.

Lisa W 0 likes

I took mine home in a long sleeve pants and then a car seat cover. I think your fine have the car warmed up

Vicki F 1 like

I had a December baby and I put a warm sleeper on her with a hat. I used a blanket to cover her as well: you can pull your car up to the hospital door so your baby won't really be exposed to much of the cold weather.

Lindsey S 0 likes

Ok thank you so much ladies! I've been over thinking it & it's my first baby & we live in Connecticut & it gets chilly! so I just needed reassurance which is what you've all given me thank you so much! Guess I'll pack now!

Shelby M 0 likes

I just had my baby on the 10th it wasn't super cold but I just simple packed a little sweater,pants mits along with a few sleepers because I didn't know what I wanted to dress him in but the best thing I have found is I have what is called a cozy cover which is truly the best thing in the world look them up if you don't have one and then just put 2 blankets on him and he was as warm as can be your really just trying to prevent them from losing heat cozy covers do just that😊 good luck

Bethany C 1 like

Unless you're driving home in a one horse open sleigh it sounds like you'll be just fine! 😜

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