Any mommas out there have a SO that speaks a second language..? My SO speaks english as his second language and spanish as his first. I understand allot of spanish but dont speak it. We plan on teaching our son both languages.. Anyone the same?? 😁

Alexis P 1 like

🙋🙋🙋👍 my BD speaks fluent Spanish and English and I understand Spanish. We want to teach our son both languages also. 😬

Garcia 1 like

Thats awesome! Glad im not alone ! 😀

Garcia 1 like

What country is he from just curious i never here of allot of babies who are half american half spanish 😀

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I'm Mexican-American so I'm fluent in both Spanish and english. I have also started learning French, Italian and German. My husband is Filipino so he speaks Tagalog (Filipino) and English. I can somewhat understand what he's talking about to his brother and mom but only if there's an English or Spanish word, which happens frequently. He knows very little Spanish but is learning from his coworkers. My son will be a linguist. ❤️

Laura L 2 likes

We speak English and Spanish so we will be teaching him both my husband and I speak English to him and my parents speak Spanish and they are with him most of the day (( while I work))

Mom of Boys 2 likes

My husbands first language is Spanish, second is English. I only speak English. Since my boys were born he talks to them 90% of the time in Spanish and I obviously talk to them in English. My husbands parents only speak Spanish they so speak to them in Spanish as well. Both of my boys have been fluent in both languages since they could speak.

Baby J's M 1 like

My SO speaks both English and Spanish. I understand and speak Spanish a little. We plan to teach our LO both languages!

Meghan B 1 like

My boyfriend speaks English and Khmer

Diana H 0 likes

I speak English and Spanish but my husband only speaks Spanish . Right now we only speak Spanish to my lil girl but when she watches Mickey Mouse I put it in English ..

Shelby M 0 likes

My SO is from Puerto Rico so he and his family speak Spanish to the LO .. It won't be his first language but he should know it!

Sam R 0 likes

My boyfriend is from India and speaks 3 languages!!

Mary 0 likes

English and Spanish, my gf is Romanian and her husband is polish so her baby will speak Romanian, polish, English and Spanish because she speak Spanish too.

Linda J 2 likes

I speak mostly flamish ( from Belgium) to my son and my husband speaks English. It's really not easy!! It's not like with Spanish where you have so many people here already talking the Languish. I just hope it gets easier when he starts talking back.

K.C. R 1 like

My husband is from Chile, he is bilingual. I speak English/Spanish and in Texas Spanglish.

Claudia 1 like

My SO speaks German as a second language. I understand the basics. But we're planning on teaching our son German when he's young. 😊

Garcia 0 likes

Im sure it will linda! I heard its great to teach babies two different languages. 😀 goodluck

Brittanyyy G 1 like

My husband is Brazilian and speaks Portuguese fluently and Spanish. And l only know English I can understand both a little but not enough to carry on a Conversation. My in laws only speak Portuguese and know a hand full of English so when my in law babysits is where my LO gets most of her learning of Portuguese from. My husband doesn't really speak to my LO in a different language other than English but I'm hoping that she will learn Spanish and Portuguese!!

Macarena M 1 like

My native language is Spanish and my SO speaks both English and Portuguese we are hoping will speak all three languages

Sara K 0 likes

My husband is Arabic and I'm American. I speak only a small amount of Arabic but we're teaching him both. He's only 1yr old but I find he is picking up a lot faster on the Arabic, and I'm learning as well! 😀

Sheila B 1 like

We're the opposite! I'm the bilingual one and my husband is the one that understands a lot but doesn't speak much. I'm teaching my daughter Spanish but she understands both Spanish and English. Whenever I teach her something and it's in Spanish, my husband learns with my daughter

Christina B 1 like

My son is learning mostly English at home and mostly Spanish in his daycare. I understand a lot of Spanish. The younger the better. I just found out in our school dosage can go to schools that teach the curriculum in both languages. My older kids also know a lot of Spanish and even a few Polish words. We are a multi cultural family because I am Colombian, their dads are black, I was adopted so my last name is Irish but my dad's family is mostly Dutch and my mom's family is Polish.

Olya T 1 like

We both speak Russian and English and he also speaks some Spanish :) the plan is for our daughter to be fluent in both and preferably another language:)

Garcia 1 like

Wow lots of bilingual babies to come 😀

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