Any medicine for a pregnant Women with constipation?😟

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Try yogurt, prune juice, hot water or whole grains cereal. Or just have fiber like Metamucil

Cali^Mom F 1 like

Prunes, blueberries, lots and lots of water.

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I've Been having nausea And I don’t feel like eating stuff that helps me go. This is my third pregnancy, been the same with all the three, whatever I eat nothing works with my constipation 😒 Even the powder medicine made be throw up. Last time I was over my Dr I told him I need a medicine and a one that is pills. He wrote its name for me and he said it's On shelf, I lost the paper and I hate to call the office 😬

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I used fiber just a little bit

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Kristin B thank you!! I'll Look into it!

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