Any mamas out there breast feed their babies until they fall asleep? Yup I got into that habit.. My son is now 11 months and I would like to try to get him to fall asleep without having to nurse him. I would like to start giving him homogenized milk when her turns a year old... Anyone have any suggestions??

Amy H 1 like

I did that with my son until just before 1. I thought it would be so hard to get him to go to bed without the boob, but he took to it just fine with my husband. It was way easier than I'd imagined.

Kristin . 0 likes

My husband works out of town. I'm on my own with this one:( he knows I have milk so he wants it to go to sleep.. Darn!

Mad C 1 like

I have an 11 month old. She will fall asleep without nursing if I read a couple of books to her or put cartoons on for her to watch. She loves to fall to sleep to music. More of my music rather than kid songs. My husband is overseas, so I'm all she knows. I think she likes it because I like it.

Kristin . 0 likes

Awe that's nice:) ok thank you I'll will definitely try those things!

Nicolle C 1 like

I did it the same with my 2 girls and now I do it with my son. I thought it was going to be so hard to make them not use the boob to fall asleep, turns out that it was harder for me!! U get yourself all hyped up about transitioning them to milk and I feel like they don't really care. I personally started it slow and would feed them until they were almost asleep at first, then I just stopped and they were fine with that. I just cuddle at night with my kids and they pass out now. Good luck

Kristin . 0 likes

Thank you!

Colleen W 1 like

I nurse LO to sleep. She can get to sleep on her own but nursing gets her there faster. I think nursing to sleep is a nice tool to have in your back pocket :)

Kristin . 0 likes

Totally agree. He's just older now and he's getting some sharp teeth:( would like to start weening him sooner than later.

Allison O 1 like

My daughter falls asleep still while I nurse her and she's about to be 15 months lol but sometimes I lay her in crib, turn the tv on and she's fast asleep:)

Tatjana A 1 like

Make sure he is well fed and has plenty of liquid. Tell him you can't and that he's a big boy now and he has his sippy cup now and read to him while he is laying in bed.

Tammy H 1 like

Give him some oatmeal or soup a couple hrs before bed than he will sleep more. Breast milk is #1 I stopped BF my 7 month old cause he biting my nipple. I wish I could have made it to 2 yrs.

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