Any info on switching LO from formula to milk? I want to switch her soon and don't know where to start. How much milk should she have throughout the day? Are whole milk and homogenized milk the same? How did you guys make the switch?

Isabella M 0 likes

My DD was soooo easy. Everybody made it sound like it was going to be horrible. We gave her milk during the day and at night the first night and the next dat, got rid of formula.

Liza A 0 likes

My son has to have his milk warmed up

Allison L 0 likes

My loves his boobie milk and formula cold or room temp not warmed up. Pretty sure when it comes time to switch it'll b easy

Morgan C 0 likes

Mine got switched on her first birthday she didn't like it but she got used to it and she gets it when she goes to sleep and when she wakes up and day time she gets juice she also gets milk in the car

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