Any ideas to help increase breastmilk production? I pump and supplement with formula however it seems like I'm not getting enough milk when I pump. Please help!

Justine D 2 likes

Pumping was hard for me too. What type of pump are you using? The manual ones worked better for me. You have more control over them. I also made some lactation cookies that really did help and they were actually good too. Drink lots of water! And an other thing I did was eat oatmeal about 4 times a week. So doctors say that helps.

Justine D 0 likes

I don't know if you have Pinterest or not but I breast fed for 8 months and struggled with keeping my milk supply up so I know your struggle....but Pinterest has a bunch of different ideas and stuff to try

Katie V 2 likes

I started taking Fenugreek & that helped me get a few extra ounces a day. It stimulates the sweat glands, and since your nipples act similarly it can increase production. Take too much & it makes you smell like maple syrup šŸ˜€

Crystal C 0 likes

I had the same problem. After several months of trying all the tips and tricks I stopped. Pumping for 1.5-2hrs a day for 6 oz of milk..wasn't worth it for me. I now BF when I'm not working and LO get formula when I am. Good luck. ( I did notice oatmeal helped the most for me)

Diannah D 1 like

Fenugreek worked for me too. I read that if you don't smell the syrup smell then you probably aren't taking enough! Haha

Katya N 0 likes

Here is what someone suggested to me and I think it did work: right after your baby nurses, pump for about 10 mins to trick your body into thinking that the baby nurses for longer therefore more milk needs to be produces. It's a pain to to do this every time, but after a few days of doing it, you should see the results. Good luck!

Annisse N 0 likes

I also take fenugreek and works amazing!!!!!!

Glenna S 0 likes

Eat tons of oatmeal. Sounds crazy but it helped me a bunch. Good luck!!!!

Erica H 0 likes

Coconut water really helps me!

Maria E 1 like

Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle supplements help. Oh and Brewer's yeast too. Mother's milk tea as well. Oatmeal and sweet potatoes/yams. Good luck!

Frankie C 0 likes

@ Justine Doan I have the medela electric pump and hand pump option as well. Although I despise oatmeal I will have to give it a try. Thanks ladies for the ideas.

Leslie C 0 likes

I would definitely say put your baby to the breast as often as you can as well.

Sarah C 0 likes

Make sure you pump at night even if your baby doesn't wake up. And I second pumping after feedings for at least 10 min.

Mama P 0 likes

Is it possible for milk production to return even if you stopped breastfeeding 2 months ago? I was hoping to start pumping again if possible.

Louisa W 0 likes

Dark beer and steal oats!!!

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