Any good/cheap party ideas for my sons 2nd bday. I did the house thing last year but I really don't wanna clean that mess.

Elizabeth A 3 likes

Maybe have it at a park? Or idk what many places that are clean .. Those trampoline places, aracdes places

Shelby A 2 likes

It'z they have party packages that range from 179 to 300

JVP 2 likes

A park? Gymnastics area?

Shelby A 0 likes

Olivia N 1 like

Best bet is a park, or your house as its Flores of charge, buy the decor at dollar tree, have huge bags prepared for everyone to put their trash in

Olivia N 0 likes

****free of charge

Kassidy 1 like

I love the park idea but it's January 29th lol I know I'm super ahead but I'm a planner. I could deff look into itz!!!

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