❤️ Any good gift ideas for a baby shower? This weekend my sis inlaw is having her shower and I want to make her a special gift ☺️

Perfectly M 1 like

Diaper cake! Or personalize a onesie.

Loe D 2 likes

Someone made me really cute swaddle blankets. I loved them and used them till 4mon. Now they are cute blankets to have around :)

Adriel's Mama 4 likes

You can buy a cute little basket and fill up with necessary stuff😊

G's Mom 1 like

I would also say buy a basket and fill it with things she may need. Swaddle blankets, nose frida (amazing), bath accessories, etc...

Savannah L 1 like

I like Gary's idea. My mom bought me a baby tub and filled it up with bath time stuff. Bum cream ,shampoo, a few toys, water thermometer, ect. Since most people by clothes and blankets it was nice getting that too

Perla G 1 like

A diaper cake !! There so cute and easy to make just YouTube it

Mama W 1 like

Most people will bring clothes so I agree with the above about sticking to the essentials and just finding a cute way to display everything. I appreciated those items more because we got so much clothing my baby grew too fast to even wear some of the outfits. Also, it's always kind of special to add something for mom like a mani/pedi or spa treatment if you want.

Alycia M 1 like

If she's breast-feeding give her some bottles and some storage bags. This was the best gift I received at my baby shower, definitely the most useful.

Holy M 1 like

If she has a gift registry choose something from it, when moms choose gift registries is because they want what is it on the list :)

Liams M 1 like

I agree with the diaper cake idea! We made one for my sister and it's so much fun! You can make it as big as you want and we alternated between diapers and outfits. Then when the "cake" was done we topped it off with some cute bibs and pinned essential toiletries all around. For the middle we grabbed 8 ounce bottles and filled them with her fav candy but you could also do those little bath balls or just about anything! Hope you have fun with whatever you choose to do!

Babygirl G 1 like

Go for essentials, i know its not so cute but it will be the most appreciated even if you wamted to go in on it with others, there are ways to cutely display needed items! Just go to her registry it really is the best idea

Ari M 1 like

You can get something for the mom... Some get emotional & think there forgotten & everyone only cares for the baby

Liams M 1 like

You always need diapers and you can even do size 2 :) and the way you wrap them for the cake is so easy to throw in the diaper bag :) then who doesn't need essentials like shampoo, body wash, wash cloths, lotion, nail trimming kit, thermometer, bibs and outfits(different sized onsies and sleepers)!! :) This is the best present in terms of you having fun while doing it, she'll never forget it, it's creative and you can still go off her registry for most of the items :)

Amanda J 1 like

I agree with gaby. I got a laundry basket full of clothes. They used clothes pins and clothes line, clipped all the clothes to it. And had the top wrapped with an opening for me to pull the line. It was really cute and special.

Courtney 2 likes

Books !! I WISH people would have brought books , we got enough diapers to last until our son is 10 months lol Also you can go to her local nail salon and get a gift card ( put enough on it for mani/pedi , eyebrows / wax / massage ) she will LOVE you on her first 'relax' day My MIL hired a cleaning service that came & helped out 4 times a week for the first 2 months 🙏 she's the best lol & my dad got us enough delivery food gift cards to last for 2 months You could buy her a

Courtney 1 like

Gift card to a photography studio ! That'd be so awesome / thoughtful

Carrie W 1 like

Best gift I ever got was a gift for myself. A mom made me a basket with wine, magazines, bubble baths, candles, lanolin, lotions, nail polishes, teas. It was amazingly thoughtful :)

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