Any breastfeeding moms practice attachment parenting? I gotta few questions.

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What do you mean by attachment parenting?

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Talking about daddy being involved. What we did was take turns with lo. I would breast feed then next feeding or if lo got up in the middle of the night he would give her a bottle. I will be glad to try to answer any questions u have?

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Yep ask away

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By attachment parenting, I mean he's constantly with me. I'm a sahm and I exclusively bf, along with trying solids. My husband isn't really involved much. I hold him a lot. Our living situation is with my gma due to my husbands job being located over 3 hours away. We just haven't moved yet. And, she has animals she lets pee/poop everywhere so I don't want to put him down. We sleep where the animals can't get to, but it's too small to stay in that area of the house all the time.

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Will my son be delayed due to me not putting him down for multiple tummy times or such on the floor? He gets jumper time, too. But for the most part, he's held. Even during his naps. He sleeps with me, at night, too. Another question, how can I slowly build him up to be able to be away from me for longer than shower times without it stressing him out? And, will he be attached throughout his childhood? Also, what's the best way to slowly move him to his own bed and what age?

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I can lay him in his rock and play and he will stay asleep, but he sleeps longer stretches when he's next to me along with it being easier to feed him instead of having to wake up and wait til he goes back to sleep. I'm looking to try to get him to put himself to sleep by the time he's 18 months old.

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I practice "attachment" parenting and I exclusively bf for milk. I really recommend it. It really works for me and my son. He rarely cries unless he is in pain. He does not fuss unless hungry. I feed upon demand. I don't force schedules upon him. He will let me know what he needs and when. He's a happy little guy! :)

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Definitely. I hold my son as much as he wants, but he also likes to play independently in his crib or play mat. I let him choose, as he's gotten older he wants to be more independent.

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I held my son constantly! In my opinion it caused a slight delay in his rolling and crawling. I never put him on the floor much either because we had a big dog and a small house. But i would lie on the bed & put him on my chest to do tummy time and always encourage sitting upright in my lap, and he sat up right on time. But eventually he will need to practice those crawling skills so you will need to find a safe place for him to learn how to crawl and walk.

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As for teaching him independence. That will just come with time. Studies show that attached babies actually separate better because they've learned comfort and security. The stranger anxiety might seem strong at first but as he gets older he'll know that there's nothing to be afraid of and will do just fine. My son is a mama's boy for sure, but he's well-adjusted in preschool and does fine going to peoples houses and being away from me. And he's four btw

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My son didn't sleep in his own bed until he was old enough to understand a reward system. It was around with my daughter was born so maybe two years old. We started putting stickers in a sticker book every night he slept in his own bed and if he could sleep in his own bed three nights in a row he got a toy. It was stressful because we thought we were doing something wrong & should know better but it paid off. Don't feel bad for parenting in a way that feels right to you! Follow your instincts!

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My little girl went to her own bed at 6 months but all babies are diff. I never let her sleep with me so I am sure that would be a lot more stressful.

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Sorry I did not answer you back the other day. Me and my husband both work so it is hard for use to both get lo time but on weekends. So blessed to have family members to watch our Lo though. We also do daddy time when she gets out the tubbie that is like there special time.

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That's ok. Thank you ladies!

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