Any breastfeeding moms have a hard time transitioning to the bottle? I'm in serious need of a night off and it doesn't seem it will ever happen. I need tips please 😫 TIA

Rijvana P 1 like

Yea and don't stress it will. Use nipple shield on your breast because those are so much like bottle nipples and it may help baby learn easier.

Katie H 2 likes

I know it seems like as a nursing mom all we is feed the babies but stick with it as long as you can. Sometimes when you give a baby the bottle they realize how much easier it is and then won't go back to breastfeeding it's so much easier to pull out a boob while laying in bed then to get up and make a bottle.

Somaly S 1 like

My lo is 4 months and she refuses the bottle since she was 2 mo. We tried every bottle out there. My mother tried several times giving her the bottle with me out of the house, and one time I was out for 4 hours. It was painful to watch her cry. We decided that we will wait until she's 6 months before I go back to work. Hopefully she'll drink from the sippy cup by then.

Skylar K 1 like

My LO is 11 weeks and still won't take the bottle. She takes 1-2oz while I work because she has a hard time drinking it. I only work 4-6 hr shifts right now but it's sad because when I come home she nurses for like 40 mins! It's so hard :( wish I would've introduced bottles to her from day one! Neither my girls ever got "confused" with pacifiers so I don't believe that nipple confusion stuff with the bottle. I've tried everything! My advice is just keep trying it's all you can do lol

Ashley M 0 likes

Well my son will be four months Thursday. Breastfeeding doesn't stress me out although it can be very tiring. I just need one day or night off lol and I can't do that if he would rather starve than take the bottle (of breast milk). I'm still going to breastfeed I just need a couple hours for myself soon just for my sanity.

Ashley M 0 likes

I am trying and I will keep trying. He had a couple bottles in the beginning but right now I'm a SAHM so I felt no need to bottle feed him. It's hard but I will keep at it ! It's hard to get a breather with my mommas boy who won't take a bottle. But I wish you ladies luck too. Moms need a break too

Monica S 0 likes

My baby loves the individually sold nuk bottle nipples they look flat and are red at bottom, she won't take any other nipple. I bought mine at Walgreens

Ashley M 0 likes

I will try that! I'm willing to try every bottle and technique it's just very hard because his father works 12 hour shifts and I have no one else to help transition him to the bottle

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