Any bilingual mommys? I really want my baby to learn Spanish when is a good age to start teaching her she's 3months?

Stephanie W 0 likes

Now is a good time to start. I speak a bit of russian and let my LO watch little pim Russian videos. We speak English as a primary language.

Coryn P 1 like

Now. The earlier you start the easier it is for her to learn.

Sheila B 4 likes

In bilingual and I'm doing what my mom did with me. Teach Spanish first. At home we speak Spanish or try to since my hubby is white and doesn't know much. They can learn English at school. I learned English at school and I speak them both perfectly. People find it hard to believe I spoke Spanish first

Happy Mama O 0 likes

We speak in 3lang at home. I started to teach other languages than Engl., cause i know it is not difficult to learn Engl. when you leave in US.

Coryn P 1 like

Just be aware that bilingual babies tend to start talking later than children who only speak one language.

Mama D 2 likes

I'm wanting my son to learn Spanish as well the only problem is that I know very little :/ his daddy knows the most of it. I really want to learn as well myself.

Happy Mama O 0 likes

My 2 older kids know english just the same as the other one. Just speak to your baby in Spanish all the time. You can start as early as you can.

C M 1 like

The earlier they hear both, the better.

Ashley M 5 likes

Oh please please please don't wait for your child to learn English @ school. What a terrible position to put your child in. Best practice is to have both languages taught at the same time. Expect a little language delay compared to single language homes, but be confident that the language will come. (Teacher, with background in ESL & language development)

Michelle 0 likes

Yeah I know very little Spanish as well my boyfriend speaks it so I definitely don't want her learning from me but from him, she goes to daycare and all the workers mostly speak Spanish I just hope she doesn't get confused

Claudia L 1 like

I want to teach my son Spanish too but his dad is African American and doesnt like the idea of not being able to understand his son very well even though he is kinda fluent and understands most of what is said to him in Spanish, it doesn't really make sense to me.

Happy Mama O 1 like

Sorry, can not agree that bilingual babies start talking later than others. It was not a case with my kids. They started right when they were supposed to according to their ages. Don't be afraid.

Kissy x 1 like

My daughters bin spoke to in French and English since she was born, she's 16 months now. She can say a couple English words and 1 french word. Speak both to your little one!!

Sofie D 1 like

I'm Swedish and my husband is American. I only speak Swedish to my 4 month old daughter. Started while she was still growing inside of me!

Tory M 2 likes

Right from birth, you should speak both languages in front of your child. My fiancé is Laotian and he speaks to our little peanut in Lao while she is sill in my belly. His niece is two and is speaking English and Lao interchangeably.

Brittanyyy G 1 like

We speak both to my daughter. I only speak English but my husband speaks Portuguese . And she spends 3 days a week at my inlaws and they only speak Portuguese to her. But I know many people who only spoke Portuguese at home and they went to pre school and kindergarten and learned English and they were just fine. Kids learn things fast they are like sponges !

Annie P 1 like

I speak two languages at home, since birth. My So prefers English he was born here, but still speak the two languages. My two older boys never had any language delays. Now they understand everything I say, but respond in English. They need one trip to my country. It would make fluent. I would recommend speak the two languages!

Tania T 2 likes

Just talk to her in Spanish my baby has been talked to in Spanish since day one and while she says more words in English for her young age she won't follow any instructions unless they are given to her in Spanish

Lucy C 0 likes

I speak Spanish to my baby girl because I know she will learn English from cartoons and school, plus I don't want to have her not understand her grandparents when we go visit them to Mexico or be speaking Spanglish. I have a bachelors degree in Translation and Interpretation and have experience in this specific area and for sure know that they can get confused and mix them. That is why I will stick to Spanish at home and she will learn English fast at school :)

Lucy C 1 like

I learned English when I was 12 years old because I used to live in Mexico, and I learned it in a couple of months. I am grateful that I don't have to mix them and speak each language when it is necessary. English to who ever speaks English only and Spanish with friends who speak Spanish best :)

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