Any bilingual mamas here? Are you talking to your baby in your native language? How is that going? I find myself speaking mostly my native language to LO when hubby is at work, but when he is home I speak both. So worried my LO will be confused :(

Holly P 1 like

Also curious my sons dad only speaks Spanish to him while I only speak English

JVP 3 likes

I speak 2, my husband speaks 4. We speak in our languages, kids catch on with English through tv, school, & friends(: the sooner the better and easier for your kiddo to learn. They won't be confused! Promise(: the longer you wait the harder it will be.

Lizzie M 5 likes

I speak my native language to my LO and my husband speaks his native language my LO and together we speak English.

Veronica Z 1 like

My SO speaks english. Im bilingual. I speak more spanish than english to my LO. I feel the same way as you. I feel like he gets confused.

Mommy M 1 like

I speak native and English are very sharp they pick up very fast and don't get confused .☺️

Lana M 1 like

I do exact same thing as you. I'm sure our babies are going to be fine.

Tiffany A 1 like

It's actually better .! At a young age, they have better learning skills they soak everything up like a sponge, especially language. You're doing your LO a favor by speaking both, and although it may be confusing at first, it really helps in their future.

Laura C 1 like

I speak mostly spanish to my LO, as do my parents. The shows she likes are also in Spanish. She will learn English as she gets older. I want her to know both.

Brittany S 1 like

I'm not, although I do understand Spanish & Portuguese (as most of my friends in Hs were Spanish and Portuguese). My Husband is Brazilian and he will talk to our 6 month old daughter in Portuguese.

Vickie P 1 like

We all speak to my LO in Greek and some English here and there. He'll pick up English in school so I'm not worried and as we live in Canada he'll learn French as well.

Selma A 1 like

I speak my native language to my daughter (french) we barely speak english at home.she will catch up with school and friends.

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