Any baby wearers out there? I have seen a lot of Moms out and about wearing baby vs leaving in car seat in shopping cart. I must not be coordinated enough to get him from car seat to baby carrier? What are the tricks? The car seat plus him is getting super heavy to lug around!!

Merary A 0 likes

I have the moby carrier and he loves being in there. I usually put him in there before I step out of the car and wait for him to get comfortable. He loves it

Adrian G 3 likes

I put my carrier half way on then put him in it and set him on my knee while I fasten the other side

Karrine D 0 likes

I just picked up my LO and carried him. My arm would get so tired! He would freak out when I tried to put him in one of those baby wearing things

BoyMom 1 like

Ergo!!! With some practice it is SO easy :)

Coryn P 1 like

Just find a carrier that you're comfortable with. My mom made me a homemade one that was exactly like the Moby, I would just leave it on while driving and slip her in when I needed. Now I use the Baby Bjorn One. It's easy and fast to put on, I just leave one side fastened and slip her in the opposite side.

Audrey L 4 likes

It all depends on what carrier you use! I have the infantino and I love it! (I think I would maybe prefer a moby wrap but that's a pretty penny) but it straps around me and then you just stick their legs through! And they're stable enough to only need one arm around them to get the buckles and Velcro secured!

Alecia M 0 likes

I use my carrier, he'll maybe cry for a minute and fall asleep rather than in the car seat he just screams. He hates it! I just put on my carrier, hug him to my belly and do it up around him

Jasmine M 1 like

Infantino is awesome! And you really can put the baby in w/o any help

Tabby P 1 like

I suggest a ring sling. Easy to use, light weight and has BEAUTIFUL ones 😍👍 I love their silk slings.

Jenifer W 0 likes

I live my ergo! Use it multiple times a day!! So easy once you practice a bit. Leaves me hands free and he is super content while we are out and about!

Ashley B 1 like

I love my moby wrap. I put the wrap on before I leave home and just put my son in when we get to the store. Then I adjust the wrap accordingly.

Skylar K 1 like

I use a Tula and I love it! It's easy to put the baby in I just hold her with one hand and snap it with the other. definitely worth the money!

Jeannine M 0 likes

Ergo is best, I have tried them all. Put it on first and make it loose. Slide baby in then tighten. I have four kids and this is the easiest way. Avoid front facing carriers. Ergo carries heavy weight without hurting your body.

Tabby P 0 likes

^ agree with not getting the forward facing carriers!

Amy M 0 likes

There are so many to choose from but the ring sling is by far the most convenient IMO. It folds up like a scarf and can be stored in your diaper bag or comfortably kept on without baby in (like when driving). There are great YouTube videos showing different ways to use them, too. My LO loves being so close to mommy :)

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