Any advice on how to get my 2 mo to self soothe? Do I let him cry it out? He refuses to take a pacifier, and only wants to be on the boob to fall asleep. What can I do?

Sarina W 6 likes

He's a little young to do cio. They recommend waiting till 6months. He's still tiny and needs you when he cries it's okay to let him fall asleep at the boob. Or wait till he's drowsy and move to his bed. Rubbing his back or laying your hand on his chest. Create a routine for bed time now.

Laura W 7 likes

2 months is way way way to young for cry it out or any kind of self soothing. Sorry momma that baby needs you to let him/her know the world is ok and that you will be there.

Anonymous 5 likes

At that age the only thing that will soothe him is mommy, try to enjoy it! It doesn't last long :) In the meantime you can do some research and compare the different techniques to help your baby sleep on his own. Pediatricians recommend start around 6 months.

Min Z 8 likes

I agree with all the mamas, why not just let him nurse on you, you are his world, his first love and protector, babies cry to let you know something is not right, a happy baby is a happy mama 😁. I understand they can be frustrating at times but I never let my babies cry it out, now don't get me wrong, if they are throwing a tantrum now that's a different story!

Jasmine L 1 like

Let him do what is most natural. Let him soothe on the boob and SERIOUSLY research and reconsider using the cry it out method. As an adult I don't self soothe so I would never expect my 3mo with no communication skills to ever soothe herself

Dani M 2 likes

Too young to let cry, IMO. However, if you could nurse then cuddle, then put down almost asleep and see if he will go to sleep, you can try that. He cries because he fell asleep at the boob and wakes up with the boob gone and it's scary and confusing. If he falls asleep in crib and wakes up in crib, he will learn to self sooth.

Ashley P 3 likes

Let him be on the boob. That's the best place to be ❀️ I know it's hard trust me I've been doing it for 8 months. But it makes them so happy.

Mary J 4 likes

2 mo can't self soothe. Let him nurse! You'll miss it one day!

Melissa C 4 likes

He is waaaay to young!! He needs you

Megs R 1 like

Agree with all of the above...he's so young still, can't self soothe yet!! It doesn't last long and soon enough you will so miss the mommy need!!!

Renata D 1 like

It's just a phase, he'll grow out of soon.

Em A 2 likes

I just let mine nurse to sleep. It normally would end up with me passed out and him passed out at my boob. Lol.

M K 1 like

Try wearing him in a wrap/carrier. This will give you a break from nursing if he's has enough to eat and let's him still have that contact it sounds like he's needing. I've read CIO can start at 4 months but I agree with others that your little guy is too young yet. Good luck!!

Amanda A 1 like

My son was the exact same way at two months. He was not good at taking naps so I just let him fall asleep while nursing and that's what worked for him at that stage. Around 4-5 months he started taking naps in his crib and got a pretty good routine down. He's 7mo now and doing good with that routine. I wouldn't try to rush things yet since he's still so young, just keep trying by putting him in his crib for a nap.

Lacie C 1 like

He's to young to let home cry it out.

Laura W 1 like

He is way way way to young for that. Babies developmentally can not self sooth till after 4 months old some even later. You need to snuggle and love on that lo till they get older. This world is still way to new and way to big for him and he needs to know that his mommy is always there for him. You are the safest thing he knows.

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