Any advice for a colicky baby?

Kaytee Jo 2 likes

Gripe water!!!! It's heaven!

Jessica K 2 likes

Dr brown bottles.

Becky B 4 likes

Gripe water, lifesaver in my house and also gerber makes colic drops. A little pricy but I thought they worked. And for you to keep calm :-/ they feed off our energy. You need to take a break from a crying baby. I know how exhausting it can be. Treat yourself to a pedicure or something. You'll feel refreshed and less on edge when you get back home.

Tamara G 1 like

RAW probiotics for Kids from Garden of Life, worked wonders for my colicky/reflux baby. Get it in the refrigerated section at a health food store, not online unless they ship it in dry ice or something to keep it cold.

Carol M 2 likes

Burp frequently. If you're bottle feeding burp after every oz. Or every couple minutes if you're breastfeeding. Keep baby upright for 10ish minutes after all feed, or lay him down at an incline.

mercedes m 1 like

camomile tea

Skai And Julians M 2 likes

If you put him across your lap on his belly and pat his back sometimes it helps relieve some of his discomfort.

Jenna K 1 like

Lots of patience

ProudMommy w 1 like

lots of patience n good start soothe drops were a life saver for me good luck mama

Ann S 1 like

Gripe water, bouncing on exercise ball, take turns with SO. Breathe. It gets better

⭐️ M 0 likes

Thanks everyone

Jennie E 1 like

Read the book happiest baby on the block. There's also a DVD that you can get since reading with a LO can be challenging.

Laura G 1 like

Gripe water and Oval! Oval was a life saver! Good luck. This too shall pass :)

Laura G 1 like

I also agree with the comment above mine. The book happiest baby on the block was a great help!

Mallory F 1 like

Gas medicine or all natural colic drops

Tiffany 1 like

Just remember it gets better, you don't think so when they're screaming incessantly and neither of you have slept but it will get better 😊 hang in there and love on your little one you'll get through it

⭐️ M 0 likes

Thank you everyone! We have been using the gas drops and white noise to help her. Papa and Me are currently breathing easy now!

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