Am I a bad mom for giving my child Tylenol right before bed to "help" him sleep. I mean he is teething but I do it almost every night and he's only 3 months old

Brianna f 14 likes

You shouldn't medicate unless they really need it.

Cortney M 8 likes

Agree πŸ‘† if he's in pain then by all means but 'to help him sleep' is a no no. And definitely not an every night thing it can be harmful.

Ashley B 15 likes

Doing it every night is very bad. Tylenol is very bad for our livers and should ONLY be used when baby has a fever. PLEASE stop using Tylenol to help your baby sleep.

JVP 10 likes

No need for it every night! Even if baby is teething. Try different more natural remedies. My daughter just had her first dose at a year old.

Suganya 5 likes

I afraid it's bad.. Pls don't do it anymore ..

Taylor S 4 likes

I agree that if my baby is very restless or teeth in I give him Tylenol before bed. Sometimes 5-6 nights in a row. But not every night. I don't think it's good for them.

TT M 5 likes

Tylenol overdose can be very bad.. Especially for a 3 month old..

Emma Kates M 8 likes

I feel bad anytime I give my baby medicine. I worry all night long about it. If he's uncomfortable u could try the Hyland teething tablets. They melt instantly and will help him rest too.

Maci β 8 likes

Do not give them Tylenol every night. Or any medication to help sleep. Only if pain. Especially Tylenol, it can affect the liver if given to much. & giving medicine to help them sleep will cause them to get addicted to it and HAVE to have it to sleep. Sorry mama, but it's bad

Mama Of 3 2 likes

Baby could become constipated from that also.

Ann S 4 likes

Only when he needs it. He could get dependent on it. My aunts friend used to give their baby Benadryl every night before bed and now at 8 they are dependent on it

Ashley B 7 likes

Ughhhh this is just so bad:( I hope you take our advice and STOP giving your baby Tylenol 😒😒😒😒

Melissa H 10 likes

Not only is it bad for them to have it everyday they can build up an immunity to it and then when they really need it to being a fever down it won't work. However, your not a bad mom just maybe misinformed.

Brittany B 2 likes

πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†what all the other mommies said!!! It is so bad for the liver. Maybe try other measures to comfort you LO.

Felisha L 1 like

I wouldn't do it every night because that can cause issues with his liver later on in life. If he is really needing it is when it should be given only. If sleep training is what the problem is then let him fuss it out he will survive a few minutes of unhappiness:)

Melanie L 2 likes

I understand where you are coming from and I know you are well meaning. When my lo was hardcore teething I did give tylenol before bed for about 3 days in a row. Babies don't feel teething pain for weeks on end and only use it when it's REALLY needed. I know it's hard. You don't want your babe feeling pain, but you have to hold out.

Deleted A 1 like

Please don't ruin your child's liver for your own convenience.

Ashley M 2 likes

You did it every night? I hope that's a typo . That's not good. I gave my lo Advil tonight but ya been a long time since she's had it she teething and runny nose and little fever

Violeta K 2 likes

Yikes. I'm sorry but I have to agree. Don't do it every night. Only if he really really needs it. He'll wake up crying, hold him, rub his head n back, comfort him, sing to him, give him a bottle, breastfeed. Something, but no Tylenol. Only with fever God forbid or if he is fussy after shots n even then only 1 dose 😏

Erika H 4 likes

Ok I won't do it anymore. I'm glad I asked. 😟 thanks everyone!!!

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