Alternatives to dairy milk for babies like coconut or soy?

Sara 0 likes

Both of those, almond milk too

Marianne M 2 likes

I've heard that goats milk is very similar

Shelby E 1 like

Goats milk! My LO is allergic to dairy and eggs. All she can only drink the goats milk. Also, things that say dairy free, is a no go. Bc they are not truly dairy free. They still have the milk allergen.

Emma 0 likes

My son drinks only unsweetened almond milk and he loves it. We've done coconut milk too. He gets very sick with dairy milk.

Amy K 0 likes

Goat or almond milk! ( unsweetened)

Rebecca W 0 likes

I really like almond milk as a dairy milk substitute.

Ashley P 0 likes

almond milk:)

Alyssa H 0 likes

I use almond. He loves it!!! Tons of calcium that is easier absorbed than dairy.

Sarina W 0 likes

Goats milk

Julie K 0 likes

My son has a severe milk allergy and so we use.. Rice milk, soy milk, coconut milk and almond milk. Rice milk is sweeter and taste closest to breast milk soy is the closest you will get to tasting like whole milk plus they have flavors Coconut milk taste a lot like coconut so is a hit or miss And finally Almond milk taste nutty and also can be an allergy within its self. I'm allergic to almonds so this one doesn't get bought very often in my house. Oh goats milk is same allergy as milk.

SSZ 0 likes

Hemp, rice, oat milk too

Chely M 0 likes

We do goats milk for our little guy since he was 10 months old :)

SSZ 0 likes

Hemp, oat, cashew, almond, goat

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