Alright ladies maybe a little far out but me and my husband have been trying to conceive our second child now for 8 months and nothing's working ): we have a 2 and a half year old so I know we're both okay. I just ordered a moonstone that's supposed to help with fertility.. Any suggestions?

Amanda B 0 likes

Sometimes when wanting it it won't happen till ur at your last resort then out of no where ur pregnant the best way is finding out when ur ovulating and once that is fingered out try to srry for being so forward but have sex and make sure it's at less 2 times the same day u start and a day after just to ashore the pregnancy has happened if it fails than speak to a professional Docter

Em A 0 likes

Maybe go to a specialist. Hope you have success soon!

Samantha K 0 likes

I went to my family doc today, she thinks I'm too young for a specialist. I'm 21 and very healthy my husband as well. We have a 2 and a half year old and that happened one time trying now we're trying and nothing is working. Hoping there's someone who can relate. /: I feel like everyone around me and everyone I see is preggers!

Ruth N 0 likes

You used a ovulation test first?

Ronnie R 0 likes

This may be TMI -stop thinking about conceiving. I don't mean stop trying but when you have sex don't think about it. That's how both of my pregnancies came to be. I was paranoid "I'm gunna get pregnant, omg I hope I'm pregnant!" Only think about you and your husband don't "care" if you get pregnant just ENJOY your spouse and love them. The one time I finally quit worrying about pregnancy, after 17mon my son was conceived. May take a few times, but stressing about pregnancy plays against you.

Michaela R 0 likes

Just keep practicing. That's the fun part after all. And make it just Keep it light and intimate and not just about conceiving. Enjoy each other and t will happen when it is supposed to. God has his own plan. Good luck momma!! Hang in there.

Samantha K 0 likes

Yeah. We haven't tried ovulation kits yet. My doc just suggested them today so if I get my next cycle I'm definitely going to be using them. I know I think this is the first month I haven't actually thought about it. So I'm hoping it's going to be soon but it's so hard to tell myself not to think about it. My next start date is the 14 so I'm hoping it doesn't come! It's been a long time coming I just figured everyone would have different tips

Samantha K 0 likes

Thank you ladies

Jessica R 0 likes

What birth control did you use? I was on depo and it took us 5 months after stopping it probably 3 months before. They say it can take up to a year to conceive

Samantha K 0 likes

I've never been on birth control in my life. Lol

Allison H 0 likes

I used an app to help track periods and ovulation. My friend and I both got pregnant using it. It's called Menstrual Calendar

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