So I've been researching about the milk i drink & found some things that disgust me. and I've been thinking about trying almond milk. Is that the only substitute for milk there is? Which one do you like best? Thank you!

Ashley T 1 like

Can you share what it is that you found? I'd like to know please(:

Brianna G 1 like

Basically that the milk has tons of growth hormones in it which isn't healthy. That even though the milk is pasteurized blood & puss & other things can still pass through. Makes me gag looking at the milk in my fridge now... 😩

L C 0 likes

Organic milk

Tessa I 0 likes

My 20m old son is on almond milk and so will my other son when ready soy milk is awful also it has so many hormones n stuff that after drinking soy milk for years it's like being on birth control ur whole life n causes people very young like 25 infertile and go threw menoupose

Stephanie W 0 likes

There's soy and cashew milk as well. There's coconut milk too but it's not very "milky" lol

Emily O 1 like

Rice milk, coconut milk, but almond milk is my fav!

Gloria T 0 likes

Coconut milk is nice for some things it's sweet I use it

Melody K 0 likes

We drink almond milk and cashew milk :) if you like 2%, rice milk is really good just isn't as creamy as almond or cashew milk. Way to go for researching how milk is made. A lot of people ask me why I'm vegan and I start to tell them and they just say "I don't want to know" ... Trust me you'll be so glad you found out as much info as you can. It's the best decision I've ever made for mine and my child's health. We never get sick!!!

Rachel R 0 likes

We drink almond milk :) once you get used to it it's not bad.

Angelica M 0 likes

Organic milk. However, if you choose the almond milk route you MUST add more calories to your LO diet Bc almond milk is only like 45 calories per serving and they could drop weight. Good luck!

Katarina O 0 likes

Almond Milk is great!

Brianna G 0 likes

Okay I think I'll try some almond or cashew milk. If not that then rice milk :) thanks ladies! How much does organic milk usually go for in a gallon?

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