All of last year and already starting up again this year my daughters are getting bullied by the same two boys. It got worse not better after I talked to the principal of the school about multiple situations with these boys bullying and to this day have not gotten any results in the matter. So I phoned the district super attendant to oversee the matter personally. I think my girls have had enough from these boys and deserve actual result that help. My question is was I in the wrong to do this?

Hannah M 6 likes

Hell no! Call the cops! I would. If the school cannot or wont take action call the friggin police. No action is too much when it comes to protecting our babes. I was bullied on the bus by an older boy, i never in my life saw my mom leap into mama bear mode faster than when i told her!

Lymin L 1 like

definitely not ! bullying can potentially cause major impact in behaviour in the long run if not treated right from the beginning. we are here to protect our kids.

Nicole Z 3 likes

No you took the right steps. I had the same problem with my daughter. I let the principal know that every time this happened I would call the local police and make a report and the parents should be aware of that. If it continues to happen you will reports of every incident and you can file for a restraining order and get those boys kicked out of your district. Let there parents deal with the problem since they haven't yet!!

Em L 3 likes

No way!!!!!!!!! You need to do what you need to do for your kid sake! Bullying is a serious thing!! I agree, if the school doesn't help, you may need to take it to a whole new level, cops! Poor baby, wish schools would take it more serious!

Erin H 2 likes

When it comes to you kids safety n well being never second guess yourself. I agree call the cops and get them to involved the boys parents. Heck I would go as far as giving my daughter a cell phone to take video of the bullying. Hugs for your daughters.

Bonnie A 0 likes

Lord, no! I would have done the same thing. It's hard enough not to want to get involved yourself. You did the right thing by contacting the right people. Someone, somewhere will take care of it, surely! :)

Jessica T 1 like

I am not going to deal with this well when my baby is in school. You did the right thing. Do whatever you think is the best for your kids. Those little brats (bullies) need to learn a lesson and you may be the one to teach it to them. Bullying is NOT ok. Now I'm getting angry. πŸ˜• good luck.

Chelsie M 1 like

Thanks ladies. My mama bear instincts came out and I was do e with waiting for results.

Hilary P 1 like

Not at all I'd find out who the parents are and hopefully they can help as well with there boys hope it gets better

Jenn S 3 likes

If the school isn't equipped to solve the problem I would involve the police department. They can send an officer to the boys house. Maybe sign your girls up in self defense. Hopefully they'll never need it but it doesn't hurt to know how to help yourself. Good luck

Mindy F 1 like

I think you did the right thing and I agree that teaching them how to defend themselves is a good idea.

Chelsie M 0 likes

I was told their parents were notified of the problem. The boys got their last talk apparently. If his is to happen again then the next steps are to be talked with the principal. This is what I was told anyways. Here's to hoping it gets better. I told my daughters to both notify me if something happens with those boys again.

Mich I 0 likes

Is it happening at a specific time of day? In the classroom? At recess? Sometimes it is so hard to control unstructured time, but clearly something needs to be done with follow through!

Chelsie M 0 likes

In school at recess and after school. So various times and the thing is my younger daughter takes the cross town bus from the elementary school (soon closing) to meet her older sister at the school and she is also being bullied and from these two same boys. They did get talked to and we are just hoping that there is a change and that the two girls stop getting bullied around.

Chelsie M 0 likes

After school for my younger daughter but my oldest deals with it all day and these boys are in her class.

Nickey D 1 like

Bullying can leave a deep, lasting psychological impression, especially if the kids feel like no one is doing anything about it..which it sounds like you most definitely are. Good job mama! I would suggest getting the bullying documented ( police report, video, voice recording) if you can. It seems like that is the only way it gets the district'a attention....that or physical retaliation...that's my dad taught me; punch them square in the face, they can't ignore that. *not suggested btw

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